Thursday, September 15, 2011

I shall call him Fluffy

It all started when my best friend sent me this link coffee filter wreath, I was obsessed. I HAD TO MAKE ONE. Ok sure, I might happen to say that about 99% of the things I see online but this time I ran right out and got the supplies and instead of letting them sit around so long I forgot what I bought them for (I'm not saying this has happened to me, and if it has, I will someday remember why it was so important that I bought liquid glycerin) nope this time I got started right away.

You can check her tutorial (and countless others online) for details so I won't bore you with those here again. I did get my filters at Costco where you can get about a zillion for hardly any money at all. I'm not sure how many I used, mine isn't as full as the one in the link above but I like it... I was also sick of burning my fingers and I knew as I made it that I was going to be making another for my mom. I also purchased the natural colored ones so that once the memory of burnt fingers is gone I can make one with them. You can also dye the paper filters, think of pink ones on a heart shaped wreath for Valentine's Day :)

Oh and yes, I do call him (no I'm not sure why it's a him, pretty much everything inanimate I decide is a him... I agree it's odd and we're just going to smile and nod and move on ok?) anyways, I call him Fluffy... and I smile & give him a little pet when I walk by. He's like a giant sugar coated donut, and who doesn't smile when they see donuts?

PS: yes there are more of those little fluffy flowers showing up in my posts again... and yes I do have them all over my house LOL I promise to do a quick post on those soon!


  1. I love this wreath!!! Beautiful... But now I want donuts! Thanks Candi. I made a heart shaped one for a bridal shower once and then gave it to the bride. I need to make myself one now!!!!

  2. I recommend Fabri-tac glue instead of using a hot glue gun. It'll remind you of model airplane/car glue in smell and looks, and yes, you'll get some strings. But then again, you get those with the hot glue gun too. Like most glues, it's used at room temperature.

    Most important: it works, doesn't fall off like hot glue often does after time, and YOU WON'T BURN YOUR FINGERS!!!!!

    A friend e-mailed and asked about making a lantern with Tags, Bags, Boxes and More, which is why I was googling lanterns and found your blog. You've done a great job on this blog - I'm enjoying scrolling through. I've been trying to create on for a year now, can't figure out how to link pages.

    Keep up the good work!!


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