Thursday, September 22, 2011

Owls, wreaths, & an apology.

I'm sorry for disappearing for the past week. My father, who we haven't seen in almost 1 1/2yrs, came for a visit (and stayed with us) so I was a mess of preparations and then busy visiting. We had a really nice time, we took the girls to the Detroit Zoo while he was here and went to the butterfly house. The owl butterflies thought my older daughter was a perfect landing spot!

Since I was having family over to the house I needed some fall decor outside too of course. I grabbed my garland of fall leaves that I put up every year and stapled it to the door frame (no really I did LOL our last house had a seam around the door I could tuck it in, this one doesn't so I grabbed my handy dandy staple gun and stuck it up there) My chocolate brown door needed a bit of fall color too so I got to work on a little project I had been planning for awhile:
Here is my "rag wreath" in progress! I'm sure you've seen these around on the web lately? They are so cute and so easy and pretty inexpensive to make as well! Originally I had planned on my 7 1/2yr old making it but after about 10 strips she decided she had better things to do. You could use any scraps you have around the house (even ribbon, which is so cute!) or check the remnant section of your fabric store too. I didn't have anything laying around and decided to just purchase some fat quarters since they were on sale. I bought 5 and I did use almost all the fabric. The form is simply a metal hanger, bend it into a circle and then either wrap around or cut off the top portion. Then I cut my fabric into strips that were approx 1"x7" (I used my pinking sheers to give it a little something extra) and start knotting away. Knot knot knot... break... knot knot knot... coffee.... knot knot knot (you get the idea). It really doesn't take all that long and is far quicker and less painful then the coffee filter wreath I posted last week.

Though not the best photo here it is on my door. I had purchased these adorable acorn shaped bells at Joann's a few weeks ago because, well come on, because they are acorn shaped bells darn it and they are adorable... anyways they found a home in the middle of it (and yes, I do have a putter & golf ball door knocker, we live on a golf course and it came with the house... of course I had to paint them oil rubbed bronze but that's another post).
look at my little one peeking out, I can't leave her sight for a second!

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