Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shopping outside the craftstore

Sort of like thinking outside the box, right? I love when I find a blog post that makes me craft outside of the box, using materials for things other then they were intended and giving them new life in the crafting world. I went on a crafting shopping trip this past weekend to Home Depot of all places. I hope to post several projects over the next week or so which will also inspire you to look at things differently and make everyday objects beautiful!

Oh I wish I could capture how these tiles sparkle. SWOON! One thing you should know about my decorating style is that after a very scary time where I had a lime green kitchen and neon orange flowered hallway (I still have no idea what I was thinking, maybe because it was my first house and no one was there to tell me I couldn't paint things those crazy colors?) I've realized that my happy decorating colors are nature inspired neutrals. Deep dark browns, shades of creams and as mentioned before I LOVE SPARKLY anything. I've been staring at these mosaic tiles at HD for over a year. We decided to move home and sell our house before I could finish redoing the kitchen so I was never able to tile my backsplash. Now we're renting so my shimmery little tiles remain on hold. It occurred to me though as I strolled down the isle dreaming about them again that I might not be able to tile my walls with them but I could still use them in my home!
Say hello to my new favorite picture frame! This photo from our wedding was already in a dark brown metal frame, which I thought would be perfect as a base for the tiles. I simply laid them out to make sure they would fit nicely and then glued them down using e-6000 glue. How adorable is my little Swarovski squirrel sitting next to it? My hubby brought it home for me one day for no other reason then he thought I would like it, love surprises like that!


  1. So pretty (awesome photo too btw!) - it doesn't even look "crafty" it just looks pretty and elegant, like something you'd discover at Pier 1 or a cute boutique. Loving your blog and ideas! ~Mary :)

  2. So pretty (awesome photo too btw!) - and so elegant! Cool idea!


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