Monday, September 12, 2011

What is your earliest crafting memory?

I was in our basement in the "craft area" with my older daughter working on a card and she was talking to me about crafting in general and some how we started talking about when I was a girl, and she asked what I used to make... thus started a discussion on my earliest crafting memory.

I must have been in 1st or 2nd grade. I've always loved glitter and I think it was my grandma or grandpa who gave me some index cards to draw on. I ended up taking good old fashioned Elmers glue and writing my name, then sprinkling it with multicolored glitter. I took this little tag to school and taped it on my desk.... hello instant popularity LOL

Soon I had quite a lucrative little business selling glittered name tags for 25¢ each. Inevitably I was called to the principals office and told I couldn't sell them anymore... oh the shame!

She asked if she could make one and I got her some supplies. Then I thought it would be fun to make a "grown up" version for myself, and sneak in something I was thinking of starting up called "technique Tuesdays" where I try to post using a technique I've learned this past year as I started my journey in paper crafting.

For my name tag I used the cricut cartridge Songbird and using my gypsy welded together the letters for my name and a shadow version as well.
Now for the fun part. GLITTER! I'm not sure where I first saw this technique but it was one of those "DOH" type moments. All you need to do is take your diecut shape/word/letters and run them through a xyron upside down so that the front becomes coated in the sticker material.
Then grab yourself a coffee filter (I have the glitter trays with the spout you can buy, but glitter sticks to them and I always end up with a huge mess and having to wash them out etc, bulk coffee filters from Costco work perfectly and the glitter (or embossing powder) doesn't even stick and is easy to pour back into the container!) and place your diecut sticky side up in the filter and pour glitter all over it. I usually flip them over and press down into the glitter as well so it's very well coated and stuck on. (of course I forgot to take a photo of this step)

I opted to pop dot my name (finally found a use for these tiny ones I bought) and then cut out some paper using my nestabilities long rectangles (I'm on a huge pink/orange/brown kick lately). Put a couple of eyelets in the corners and hung my sign on my stickles storage basket.

So what is your earliest crafting memory?


  1. How grown up is that, fantastic name tag and the hint about coffee filters perfect. I have tons left over from before we got our Keurig. I bet they would work with all kinds of stuff besides glitter.

  2. Rebecca: wait to see my post later tonight or tomorrow, you'll be thrilled you saved those filters ;)


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