Saturday, October 29, 2011

One of those weeks.

Ever have one of those weeks? You know the type where a "force quit/restart" option would have really come in handy? Ugh... this was one! I was planning to wow you all week with amazing cards and projects done with my knock the socks off the Cricut Silhouette Cameo. I've been awaiting "Cameys" arrival for almost 3 months since I pre-ordered her. Don't worry Cricut friends I have nothing but love for my little bug but I wanted the ability to also cut anything I wanted font/image/print & cut/etc wise so I made room in my heart, and my crafting table, for a Cameo.

She arrived last Friday and my first cuts left something to be desired but I figured there must just be a learning curve and left her to the weekend. I won't bore you all with long, rambling, whiney, pouty, angry rantings (I've already done that to my new Silhouette friends). Let's just say that my Cameo didn't work correctly out of the box and now I'm stuck waiting around for a backordred replacement blade housing to be sent before support will help me further even though I already purchased a 3rd party holder and it doesn't work either.

Next I updated my macbook pro to Lion finally, not realizing that in doing so I'd lose the ability to use timemachine with my NAS drive for backups. I hate Iomga, we'll leave that rant at that.

So between Cameo woes and issues with my storage drive I've been a bit grumpy. Hopefully things will improve this coming week and I can just forget this whole past week even happened :D

I did use my cricut to make up a few Halloween cards, please let me know if you want any details on them.


  1. Believe me, we all have those weeks! Some just seem to last longer than others! Hang in there!

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Love your blog too...your cards are beautiful as well and love your cool tools you have for card making! :)


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