Monday, October 17, 2011

Spooktacular Sparkletastic Halloween Luminary

Ohhhhhh can you stand the glittery goodness? Ekkk I can't take it :) You guys know how much I love glitter and the idea for this luminary has been in my head since I made my first one.

I started my design the same way as my last luminary. I used the rectangle from George & Basic shapes and then used images from Happy Hauntings and Wild Card for the panels. Each panel is sized 4x6 and I welded two together with a tab.

I knew I wanted a sheer glitter background and there is only one way to do an even application of glitter, with a Xyron. If you use glitter for any projects you MUST have one of these, or several in different sizes! I use my 2.5" model the most for small glittered words and embellishments but as my inside panels (cut from acetate sheetsaka report covers bought in bulk on amazon) were to big for that I had to use this bigger one. All you do is run it through, then peel off the plastic and you're left with a perfect layer of adhesive. Stick it to the back side of your panel and then grab your glitter!

I used Martha Stewart glitter and a trusty coffee filter and glittered them up. As you can see you get a perfect even layer of sparkle (ohhh swoon).
After you've done all of your panels apply some strong adhesive (I like using redline tape) as close to the score line as possible and stick your panels together.

As before I think adding a stand really elevates (hahaha pun intended) the project. Again I made a simple base from a piece of 4.5x4.5 paper scored 1/4" all around to give a thin lip once folded, instead of cutting paper "feet" this time I decided I wanted to use wooden beads. I colored them black with a sharpie (so they would be flat black and not glossy and ok maybe because I was too impatient to paint them) and then just used glue dots to attach them.

Side note, I'm totally rocking the black polish... so what if I missed the trend by 5 (10?) years? My daughter asked me to paint them black in the spirit of Halloween and I did, and OMG I love them!
These are pretty quick to create and so much fun, I hope I've inspired you to give one a try!

Showing all 4 sides:


  1. I love your project and LOVE that you provided how-to info! I love glitter too-- good thing since I normally have it all over me.

    I am a new follower! Can't wait to see what you post next!


  2. That's a great project! Love it!

  3. Very neat! Looks like a fun project.


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