Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Squeezing in my last Fall post!

The snow might have arrived last night but it's not December yet so I'm squeezing in one last post with my Fall projects! Here are the two pumpkins I told you about a few days ago, still not the best photos (and yes, you can see the snow in the background the only way I could get decent lighting was right in front of a window, though today I did buy the things I need to construct my own light box!)

The paper pumpkins are from a kit put out by If you're not familiar with svgcuts head over there right now, they are awesome! It's a couple (Leo & Mary) who truly care about their customers and make the best svg's. If you're a cricut owner who is familiar with the nightmare assembly that awaits you when trying to assemble anything 3d from a cricut cartridge you are in for a treat (assuming you have another machine that can cut svg's... you don't? Well what are you waiting for, go buy yourself a Cameo already!!!) Their files go together so quickly and easily, it's a pleasure to create with them! I bought a super cute Christmas themed set that I'll be showcasing this week as well if all goes well in my chaotic life .

I love this little guy, one of the sides actually has slits for a name tag and I had dreams of making one of these for everyone's spot on Thanksgiving but that didn't happen (I did make a cute simple place card but didn't snap photos of them yet) The stem is a bit squashed since my 19 month old thought the pumpkin was cute too.
I love this one too, panels were embossed with my big shot and inked with distress inks, don't you love those stems, they curl around in the neatest way and they are so easy to assemble!
Here they are together, there is a 3rd style which actually opens up but I didn't have time to make it this year. Both were made with my awesome Silhouette Cameo.

That's all for tonight, I'm going to be working my butt off come about 11pm to finish the limited edition Silhouette advent calendar tonight, I don't think I'll have time to do a ton of embellishing but hope to continue to add to it this month since my 7yr old can't wait to start opening boxes tomorrow.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gobble Till You Wobble

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? This was the first Thanksgiving we've spent with family in the past five years, it's so nice being back at home! We hosted this year, though it was just DH's parents and my mother it was very nice.

I made two of the gorgeous 3d pumpkins from svgcuts however the lighting has been so horrible that even with our DSLR camera I can't seem to get a decent photo, I might have to look into making one of the photo boxes I've seen others create to get good photos of their projects, until then you'll have to bear with what I'm able to get.

Here are some of the Thanksgiving cards I sent to family, mostly made with my Cameo.
The first turkey was run through my xyron and then heat embossed with metallic embossing powder, I love how that technique gives a hammered metal finish.
How fun are those buttons? They are my 7yr old's newest obsession... I purchased a package of plain white/shimmery buttons, then using our Bic markers she and I have been coloring them to match whatever project we need them for. You really do need to go quickly to get an even layer but it's such an easy and fun way to customize your embellishments!

If I can get some decent shots of my pumpkins I'll post those later today. I've also started on our holiday decorations so expect more posts soon!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Rosette Wreath

It's turning into another of those weeks. I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year (just a small gathering) so I'm busy with that. Yesterday my 7yr old fell and received a mild concussion and today I woke up with a migraine. Currently I'm not just creating in chaos, I'm living in it LOL.

All my plans for Thanksgiving decorations are looking less and less likely but I did want at least a few things around, my daughter and I quickly made this rosette wreath. The few cuts were done using print & cut with my new Cameo (turkey with my Cricut).

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I crown myself "worst blogger ever"

I accept my crown with a head hung in shame. Honestly no excuse here, even if I've been to crazy busy to post anything new I've got TONS of old projects I could be sharing with you and I apologize for not posting. The good news is that my Cameo just needed a new blade (a very common issue it turns out, I sure hope Silhouette addresses this issue) and right now is working like a dream, while I still have nothing but love for my Cricut (more on that in another post soon), the Cameo is tons of fun to design with and I'm loving svg's. I'll be doing some posts on it soon, I promise!

A craft I taught myself (and have since forgotten, I sure hope it's like riding a bike and comes back to me) is crocheting. When I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter I kept seeing adorable handmade crocheted toys, I HAD TO HAVE THEM. As per my usual I *knew* I could learn how to make them and save myself lots of money (HA HA HA, sure if I didn't obsessively compulsively buy every crochet book & pattern known to man and didn't have a huge tub full of unused yarn maybe, but I digress). One of my first projects which I learned on was this, which I thought was perfect to share for Thanksgiving. It's composed of free patterns you can find on the site.
Thanks for looking today! I'll be posting the Thanksgiving cards I made this week later today or tomorrow, and my rosette Thanksgiving banner as well (see I haven't posted but I'm still crafting, I even have the trashed house to show for it)