Sunday, November 20, 2011

I crown myself "worst blogger ever"

I accept my crown with a head hung in shame. Honestly no excuse here, even if I've been to crazy busy to post anything new I've got TONS of old projects I could be sharing with you and I apologize for not posting. The good news is that my Cameo just needed a new blade (a very common issue it turns out, I sure hope Silhouette addresses this issue) and right now is working like a dream, while I still have nothing but love for my Cricut (more on that in another post soon), the Cameo is tons of fun to design with and I'm loving svg's. I'll be doing some posts on it soon, I promise!

A craft I taught myself (and have since forgotten, I sure hope it's like riding a bike and comes back to me) is crocheting. When I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter I kept seeing adorable handmade crocheted toys, I HAD TO HAVE THEM. As per my usual I *knew* I could learn how to make them and save myself lots of money (HA HA HA, sure if I didn't obsessively compulsively buy every crochet book & pattern known to man and didn't have a huge tub full of unused yarn maybe, but I digress). One of my first projects which I learned on was this, which I thought was perfect to share for Thanksgiving. It's composed of free patterns you can find on the site.
Thanks for looking today! I'll be posting the Thanksgiving cards I made this week later today or tomorrow, and my rosette Thanksgiving banner as well (see I haven't posted but I'm still crafting, I even have the trashed house to show for it)

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