Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pretty Sure I'm On The Naughty List...

If anyone had recorded my last little photo session they would have had to had extensive use of jingle bells ringing to block all my swearing. I'm pretty sure if Santa was watching/listening I'm now on the naughty list, but honestly I have a good reason!

See those adorable reindeer? Aren't they the cutest little critters? CURSE THOSE DEER I TELL YOU!

I've actually had this set from LD done for weeks, but much like my still un-photographed 3d train set it's big, too big to figure out how to get even a semi decent photo of. Did I also mention those deer are made with one layer of cardstock? It wasn't to hard getting them to stand individually, but when I tried to connect them all with the single piece of twine around their necks... think deer dominos over and over and over again AARRGGGHHH. 

However for you my deer (hehehee) readers I persevered and captured some photos. Even if I had actually made a light box already this set wouldn't have fit so work with me here :) 

Of course it occurred to me after the fact that I could have used some white stuffing material to look like snow which would have also severed to secure their little paper hoofs to the board, next time. I'm also considering drawing some eyes on them, or grabbing a small hole punch. That red sparkly nose won't help anyone if they can't see where they are going now will it? 

Little tip for anyone else making these and having issues with them standing, or standing straight. Put the legs on before the little saddle piece, it will help hold those back legs in position and for the front you need some tiny pop dots, position them under the front legs and they will hold those so you can then stand your deers up w/o them wanting to bend forward. 

Before & after fix:


Thank you so much for your comments, they mean the world to me!