Friday, December 16, 2011

Silhouette Advent Calendar

I'm so far behind! What's new right? Honestly though life just keeps getting into the way of my crafting. <wink> I've had several projects done (and when I say done, I mean pulled together just enough to be displayed w/o my un-crafty family/friends wondering why I didn't finish them). Are they as adorable and embellished as I had planned/hoped/dreamed? NO NO NO :( but they are going to have to suffice otherwise I'll never get anything posted before spring!

First up is my Silhouette Limited Edition Advent Calendar, omg have you seen these all over the web? I've seen some AMAZING examples of these. I hope Aliya (my 7 1/2yr old) will allow me to add to this one next year, she didn't even want numbers added this year so what you see is what we've got. At least I was able to attach some cute little pnc (print & cut) details. So sort of squint your eyes and look at it sideways and pretend you see all the boxes numbered in various cute fonts and more ribbons and bows and all that good stuff okay?!? Oh and all papers used were digitals, love using the Studio program to fill shapes or just print sheets of papers!

I can't wait until next year, I picked up another of these with a great sale at for Lily to start next year (when she'll do more then just crush the boxes like she's been trying to do this year to Ali's) and she'll still be young enough to have no say in how I decorate it MUHAHAHA (insert evil over caffeinated mommy laugh here). On the top is one of my holiday cards I'm sending out this year and a cute little tree made from another Silhouette store file. (all the lids fit perfectly, but as mentioned above little fingers keep trying to grab these.)

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