Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sneak Peak Sunday

Do you have a million and one things you'd like to accomplish before your given official holiday? I sure do, and every time I check reader or pinterest I add about 20 more. I have so many 1/2 started projects right now you can't even find one inch of my craft table! I do however have our tree up and decorated, and I at least ordered shirts for my girls to wear to take some photos (I was going to make some but who are we kidding, it would be spring before I got around to that) I haven't even given thought yet to my holiday cards this year... OPPS!

I'm determined to find time this week to construct at least a simple light box (I've already bought 2 cheap lights and some sheets of foam board, let's see if I make the box before I forget what I bought them for) so that I can actually get semi decent photos of my projects for you guys.

Until then I'll just show a couple sneak peaks of things I'm working on. I also did finish the Silhouette advent calendar but still need to get photos, it's not as embellished as I was planning since I ran out of time and now my 7yr old doesn't want me adding anything to it, not even numbers! Waa what's a crafting mommy to do, oh I know, make something else :)

Here is the beginning to my Christmas train (new sneak peak purchase from Lettering Delights), which I so didn't have time to be starting with all my other projects but I couldn't resist. Only 4 more train cars and lots of embellishing to go!
This next project is actually finished now but I still need some photos. I'm pretty sure you can guess what this might be?
Thanks for looking!

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  1. you do such amazing work! Good luck with your projects, I have lots to do also and of course, not enough time to do them! Merry Christmas!


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