Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chug Chug Chugging into a New Year

Santa is on his train heading back to the North Pole (you did know that he takes the train back right? I mean those reindeer are tired from all that flying <wink>) 

3d set created with files from Lettering Delights, I fully intended to embellish the heck of out this thing but since it's already going into the 2nd week in January I figured I better just get some photos and save it for next year). I also have no good photos since it's too darn big... I might try making a mini version next time. I can also see this as being adorable for a birthday party or baby shower... or even as a room decoration on a shelf or the top of a dresser for a little train loving boy (or girl). It goes together super quick and if you're only going to display one side you don't even have to decorate the back! I used one of my favorite tricks to get the look of hammered metal on the wheels, run your shape through a xylon and then apply metallic embossing powder, heat up and there you go.

I still have no idea how the holidays have already come and gone, I swear I was just sprinkling some marshmallows on the sweet potato casserole at Thanksgiving and now the tree and menorah have already had their time and been put away. I think it would feel more wintery around here if we'd get some snow, I'm not really complaining but I feel bad for my daughters who want to use their new sleds and go outside to play in it. I'm sure come April when we still have snow I won't feel so bad LOL 

I hope to get back to more regular posts, I admit I haven't even crafted one single thing since before Christmas though. I do have some fun organizing posts to photograph and write up though, look for those soon! I'm also going to be redoing my reef tanks, and will likely share my efforts here too since before I had crafting I had my tanks for all my creativity. 

Happy New Year everyone!


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