Sunday, January 15, 2012

Super Smart Rock Star

Have you ever had an idea, one you know lots of people probably already have had... but that you haven't actually seen yet, so that when you come up with it you can't help but feel like some sort of genius rock star? This was one of those ideas for me.

A couple weeks ago Tim Holtz (or Ranger?  Honestly I can't remember what I had for breakfast today so don't expect me to remember this) on FB had people posting different storage ideas. I saw quite a few people using refurbished old spice racks and thought it was a cute/good idea for storing stickles & alcohol inks, then I actually counted how many I have... remember I told you guys I <3 me some stickles. Well I wasn't going to find a big enough spice rack. So I started thinking of what else I could do and then this brilliant idea popped into my head. Oh I'm not even going to tell you, just look!!!

EEEEEEEKKKKK!!!!! How freaking awesome is this? No really, IT IS AWESOME (and if you don't think so, well poopoo on you).

It's an acrylic wall mounted rack that they sell for nail polish, which just happens to be the exact right size for bottles of stickles and alcohol inks. Ohhh just look at them all there in their rainbow sorted awesomeness. It would also be perfect for those smaller vials of glitter that come in the packages (ie Martha Stewart or similar) however um.. I counted mine and um... I'd need another whole rack (at least) for my current stash. Those will just stay in a drawer where DH doesn't really know they exist and we'll keep their insane number between you and me mmmmkay?

Another thing that would fit perfectly is your twine wrapped on wooden spools. I'd also totally do this but I have another idea for my twine which if I get off my tush and make I'll be posting soon! I bought my acrylic rack on ebay, I'd imagine you can also find them in larger beauty supply stores... I think amazon might even sell them. Can you see a whole wall done with these, with stickes, alcohol inks, glitters, twine :::SWOON:::: oh and if you store your eyelets/brads in tictac containers they will not fit to sit flat inside the sections but they will balance perfectly on the edge so you could also use one for those! Every time I look at this wall I smile :)

*edited to add: this is the 60 bottle size, they also come smaller and larger... and yes I do wish I would have gotten a bigger one :)

** I've had a few people mention they store their stickles upside down. I just checked and if you hang them by some velcro from the bottom (or the side I suppose) you have plenty of clearance to remove them easily.... so this would still work as a nice way to organize & display them.


  1. smart woman! this is the kind of revolutionary thinking that made great britain a world super power...i'm not joking either. :)

  2. Candi, this is awesome! I don't know how I missed coming to your blog before, but I'm your newest follower. I love what you make and do even with little ones around.

  3. What an adorable blog chocked full of info/fun!!! I'm your newest follower! Hope you check out my blog, too! :-)

  4. Great idea! I love it when my craft supplies are organized, I am so much more motivated! I used an old cd rack to put all my stamp pads in. I made dividers out of cardboard & voila! they slide in and out & I can see them easily plus I am able to store them upside down. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Candi...I wanted to sincerely and gratefully THANK YOU so very much for your amazing comment you left on my has truly touched my heart!!! I hope you have a very blessed day!!

  6. Candi I wanted to come by and THANK YOU so much sweetie for your comment on my blog....I feel for you in the funk department...I've So been there and I "think" I'm finally starting to come out of it...hang tight will pass....but it seems like forever doesn't it!!! BTW....I LOVE your stickles holder...VERY ingenious!!!!!!


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