Sunday, March 25, 2012

Birthday Banner & Make Your Own Crinkle Ribbon

Hi everyone! This is going to be a super crazy week for me. The birthday party I'm having for my daugthers will be on Saturday and I have... oh... NOTHING ready hardly. I'm so overwhelmed with everything I need to be working on that I'm sort of frozen in place, hopefully that'll pass in the next day LOL

Our moose of a dog Cooper is also in surgery right now, he has an abscess in his leg that is really infected so I'm worried about him and any doggie prayers are welcome!

I've been working on little things for the party and checked one off my list today. The "Happy Birthday" banner. I didn't go super all out on this since I figure it'll be used once, I will be adding some more ribbon to it I think, and some paper pinwheels but I figured I'd give you a peak at it now and will show it off again on the wall later in the week. BTW Our carpet isn't nasty dirty, I just had awful shadows in this photo LOL
Before I go on, I'm sure most of you are familiar with Becki over at The Happy Card Encouragement Factory, if not... go now (but come back ok?). Besides having the cutest banner I've ever seen she makes adorable crafts and has awesome tips all the time. Her newest blew me away.

Apparently I've been living under a rock because I didn't even know what crinkle ribbon was, let alone that I could make my own... and thank god I saw her tutorial before I learned about the ribbon or I would have spent a fortune ordering colors instead of just making my own. Becki is my new hero this week. You can expect more posts on this in the future but I had to quickly try whipping up a yard of this as soon as it arrived, oh just look: 
Isn't it gorgeous? I made that people... it started out as smooth white binding!!! Check out Becki's tutorial here and prepare to be amazed: Homemade Crinkle Ribbon

Here is a close up of one of the banner letters, I used Bazzill bling cardstock and I wish I would have bought a ton more when it was on sale at J's recently, I just adore the shimmer... of course I ran my letters though my trusty xyron and then glittered them up too.

My little one just woke up from her nap so I better go grab her, I'll be back soon with more birthday party prep projects!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Birthday Surprise

My mom's birthday was this past week, so of course I had to make her something special. I've been waiting to make one of the amazing cupcake boxes from svgcuts recent Happy Birthday to You kit (please note that these files are svg's so you'll need a machine & software capable of cutting them, if you use a Cameo like I do you'll need the designer edition of the software or to convert the files using something like inkscape).

While these aren't really my colors my mother loves deep purples and reds, so when I saw this paper in my stash I knew it would be perfect.

I cut the cupcake box as large as possible on my mat (by rotating it a bit) so that it could hold the digital camera I bought to surprise my mom (her's died an early unfortunate death recently after having dish soap pour all over it... don't ask LOL) 

A little bit of distress ink added some definition to the edges of the flowers and I quickly colored a butterfly to add to the flower and a final touch of twine and it was finished. 
My mom absolutely adored it and it was too funny... she had one of those disposable cameras with her and she kept insisting on taking photos of the box and card before she would open it, my almost 8yr old kept saying "Grammy trust me, OPEN IT" I finally had to pull her disposable away from her so she'd open it :)  I look forward to making this 3d cupcake again and again and if I have time will have a few sitting around being adorable for my daughter's b'day party too. So many fun files, so little time! Until next time xoxo

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Please Excuse The Chaos, messing with blog design today :)

Just a quick post to let everyone know that my blog will likely look all wonky for a few days, I'm working on changing how it looks (in short bursts when my 2yr old isn't hitting me with Elmo books screaming "READ IT!!!") I have no idea how I want it to look other then cleaner, with space for larger photos (and hopefully normal formatting since the spacing has been sooo weird lately no matter what I do) and I'm trying to make myself bring in some bright fun colors (but yes, so far chocolate brown is still winning LOL)

You're going to have to live with the semi blurry header for now, I really want to use the adorable LD svg images, however I only know how to work with them with Silhouette Studio... and since I can't save as a .png file with it I have to take a screen shot and resize and well... that's what you get. I do have Ai so maybe I can figure that out eventually. If anyone wants to help me I'd love you forever and ever <3

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day & My First Challenge Entry!

Hi Everyone! Better late than never right? Well it's not midnight yet so I guess technically I'm not late <wink>

I've never really celebrated or decorated for St. Patrick's Day, say what you want about me but leprechauns creep me out. It doesn't matter how cute the graphics are that Lettering Delights and similar put out I just don't want them sitting around my house (I feel the same way about the whole "elf on the shelf" thing, if you'd like to stop following me now I'll understand... oh and don't even get me started on nutcrackers... true story: when I was a little girl someone gave me one as a gift, I was so scared of it I made my dad put it in the freezer before I'd go to bed) however this year I saw a few super cute files in the Silhouette store that I wanted to use.

Then (as happens more and more lately it seems) life got in the way of my crafting and I realized that today was St. Patrick's Day and other then one lonely store bought decoration on my front door I had nothing to show for it. Hanging my head in shame I moseyed on over to facebook and saw that Lesley over at Trendy Twine had a challenge going this month to make a project that included a shamrock, glitter, and twisted lime or holly green twine.

A little light bulb went off... I've never entered a challenge before and thought this was a perfect time! The project I was thinking of for St. Patrick's day definitely fit the bill for requirements and I just ordered a spool of the yummilicious (it's a word, or at least it should be) twisted lime twine, so I could force myself to use some of the sample I bought. Yes I'm such a craft supply horder that I've barely used any of my samples because I just love looking at them... what? You don't do that?)

Here is my entry: a 3d leprechaun's hat (so apparently it's the actual leprechaun that I don't like, no issues with the hats though you'll be happy to know).
The file is from the Silhouette store and it goes together so quickly and easily, the bottom is actually open too so this could be super cute to cut larger for a child to actually wear. I of course used my xyron to apply adhesive to the buckle and then glittered it up with gold glitter, the shamrock I had lots of fun with... I did a double row of the twine and then filled in the middle with microbeads and topped it all off with a light green rhinestone. 
I just love how festive and happy it looks sitting on my mantle! 

Thanks for looking! I'll be back again soon to share the project I did as a gift box for my mom's birthday this past week, and we're also at less then 2wks until my girls birthday party now! Eeeeek!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fuzzy Wuzzy Happiness!

Don't you just love it when you make something that causes you to smile every time you look at it? As I've mentioned I'm 3wks out from having a "pom poms & pinwheels" pink & orange b'day party for my girls. I knew I wanted something cute and colorful for the front door, and preferably something that would work for more then just the party so I could enjoy it for spring. I was looking at pinterest & googling different ideas when I came across this blog: Nature's Heirloom SWOON I fell in love with that wreath! I HAD to make my own, in our party colors of course! I own all of the plastic pompom makers and after trying them and just using my hands I agree just using your fingers to wrap is the way to go! I did my best to get photos, there is no color editing on these shots... it is that bright and happy in real life, you can't look at it and not smile.  (ignore my in need of fresh paint front door please)

My girls are sick so I was working on them on my cluttered diningroom table and well just look for yourself (see crafting/creating in chaos isn't just a catchy blog name, this is real life people). I'm going to be blowing orange & pink fuzz out of my nose for days, giving those poms their final shaping creates a insane amount of yarn fuzz. I had already vacuumed about 100x.
Did you notice the pinwheels on it? I'll have a post on those in another day or two, I'm making hairclips the same way for the little girls coming to the party! Super cute and very easy!

Back to work for me, I have about a zillion more tulle pom poms to make for my garland idea!

*side note, I hope to redo my blog in the next month or so... I can't get it to format/size photos correctly anymore for the life of me and while I love brown/cream I'd like a cleaner fresher look. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mmmm Coffee...

Have I told you how much I love coffee? I consider it a food group :) I share my coffee addiction love with my best friend, so when I saw these adorable cups in the Silhouette store I had to buy the file, and of course the matching pop-up, because let's be real here... any excuse for a fun pop-up card!

My bestie loves chocolate brown & blue so I thought this was the perfect color combo for her.

(I know some might consider these tea cups, however I'd drink coffee from a baby bottle if all my mugs were dirty though so I'd definitely drink it from these pretty little cups... work with me here people)

I finally broke out and used some of the nestabilities I may or may not have purchased obsessively compulsively over several months last fall until I had a whole binder full of them <wink> Honestly though even though I never remember to use them I do love them, it's easy to cut any shape I want with my Cameo but that little embossed edge gets me everytime. Almost no embellishing on this card, the gorgeous cuts speak for themselves, I just added a few little dots of white gel pen on the inside & used pop-dots on the cups on the front. I really love how this card turned out and I'm considering making a slightly larger one as wall art for my kitchen!

I have to get back to party planning, I've been looking at and buying so much pink, orange, and brown stuff it's all I see when I close my eyes LOL so far I still haven't actually made anything though yet ::sighs:: but oh do I have cute plans, here is my little pinterest board if you're interested: PomPom & Pinwheel Party Ideas

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

Did you happen to notice a big ol' fish tank in the back of one of my last photos? I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned my first love on this blog. Long before I even knew what stickles were or that digital cutters even existed I had a passion to create.... however it was underwater worlds.

Another reason besides "The Germ From Hell" that I've been MIA lately was that I was busy setting up a new tank and transferring rock/fish/corals.

I've been keeping reef tanks for over 6yrs now. I started with a 24g all in one tank, then added a 50g which quickly transferred to a 70g. My tanks and inhabitants made the original move from MI to NJ with me back over 5yrs ago, and then this past year moved back to MI.

Not sure if any of you are interested so I'll try not to go to overboard on the photos (or will create a separate page or blog for them) but since my fish & corals are such an important part of my life I wanted to share them with you here too!

This is my 70g before our move, it's far to much of a hot mess right now to show you. I had sold a ton of coral before we moved so I'd have less to transport, then sadly I lost a ton with the move. I'm in the midst of getting it back to its former glory.
Here is a shot of my old 24g
Here is my newest tank, and a couple of my new fish (the water is a bit cloudy still and the rocks are mostly white since it's only been running a few weeks)

Since I can't have a post without any crafting in it here is a card I made yesterday. This card was inspired by Vanessa over at Southern Cricut Lady. It's another hybrid card using my Cricut & Cameo (printed digital papers with my Cameo to cut on the Cricut, scanned the "water" cut from my Cricut to import into the Cameo to do a print & cut for the internal part of the card. I wanted my fish bowl to be actually clear so the card base was cut from acetate. Tag is attached with some Trendy Twine (love the color combo) and was colored with distress ink. The little shrimp is colored with my new promarkers, expect a big ol' post on those soon... I have no idea how to color but I absolutely LOVE them!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Hardest, Most Time Consuming, Simple Invitation Ever.

Do you ever get an idea in your head that refuses to leave? Something you need to make and nothing but your vision will suffice? That was me about a week ago. You see I'm planning a birthday party for my two daughters. Aliya will be turning 8 (wait, what? How the heck did that happen) and Liliana will be 2. I'm trying to go semi "all-out" (in our small mostly family only at home party way) since the past two years of birthdays for Aliya have pretty much sucked. Prior to birthdays number 6 & 7 I had always made her lots of decorations, gone crazy with balloons and streamers, and tried to give her a cake to really knock her socks off. Here is the cake I made for her 5th birthday party.

Yes my friends there is her 5th birthday cake in all of its fondant covered glory, and yes that is a life sized pineapple made from rice krispie treats on top (ok so the actual green top is from a real pineapple, my fondant version was too floppy). I had the cake, I had adorable handmade sugar cookies, lots of decorations... our invites were a message in an actual bottle that I hand delivered. It. Was. Awesome. 

Then I got pregnant. I was scheduled for a c-section 6 days after her 6th birthday... needless to say I was in no mood or shape for pretty much anything... she got a ton of ballons, no party to speak of, and a cake from Coldstone. I felt awful. I swore I'd make it up the next year. I had illusions of an amazing 7th birthday party for Ali and a 1st birthday to never forget for Lily. 

A month before their birthdays DH sprang the news that we were moving back home to MI from NJ. Oh and he would be moving 2 wks before the girls and I would, oh and that we'd be moving the week of their birthdays. 

I hang my head in shame over what I tell you next. Bad enough that Ali's birthday was spent with only her sister and I (though I did get 4 dozen ballons... that counts for something right?) since her daddy was already in MI, but little Lily... her first birthday... nothing. I gave her some presents sure, but she didn't get a cake, didn't get the great photos of herself in an adorable outfit covered in that cake. I swore after we got settled in at our new house I'd throw a belated party. Didn't happen. 

Yes friends, my almost 2yr old has never had a birthday party or cake. 

Well this year darn it I'm giving my girls a great party, or at least an amazing pinterest board full of ideas I hope to maybe get 1/10th of done LOL.

Enter my actual post subject. (finally eh? I go from not posting in almost 2 months to two long rambling ones... sorry!)
(ignore the white space after the party time, on the actual invite is our address... I love you guys and all but I'm thinking leaving my address off my blog seems like a good idea)

I'm throwing them a "pinwheels & pompoms" pink & orange (w/chocolate brown) party. I had the invite idea in my head after looking through some of my cricut cartridges. I fell in love with the little bird on the banner on the Birthday Bash cartridge. The problem was that I wanted two birds, a longer banner... oh and I was going to be making a small cut so I needed it to be a print & cut and just for kicks I wanted to use my digital papers. Yeah, my Cameo and the awesome Silhouette Studio software have more then spoiled me. What was I going to do? I searched the web high and low for an svg that had the same look and feel, nothing was right. Then it hit me.

The Cameo/Studio do great traces. In a cluster of steps I won't go into involving my Cricut Expression, black cardstock, my scanner, and then the Studio program and finally my Cameo I finally had my vision fulfilled. We won't discuss the hours it took to get it just right, but I ended up with a very quick to put together (one printed main sheet and one print & cut pop-dotted birdie banner) invite that I just adore. Thus proving that the Cameo is freaking awesome and that hanging on to my beloved Cricut carts and Expression is not a mistake. Expect to see more of these hybrid projects in the near future and lots and lots more of my planning for the party, which is now less then a month away and all I've done is make the invites (hey at least I mailed them out already).

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Let's Play Catch Up!

Who here thought I fell off the face of the Earth or forgot I had a blog? Ok ok, put your hands down.

I'm sorry for going MIA. Taking a few photos and writing a quick post really isn't that hard but with the month I've had breathing is difficult at times. Thankfully nothing overly serious just a jumble of everything from router/internet issues to The Germ From Hell (yes that's its official name in my house). DH was sick (you know, "man sick"... where they can't even crawl out of bed for a whole days and suddenly you have 3 children), then the girls were sick but in the weirdness that is my sick children instead of resting they go psycho crazy and are up all night and all day and just crabby snot covered messes of misery. Then the inevitable happened.

I got sick.

However, as the wife and mother, I have "mom sick" which means no matter how much I feel like total death (and I do my friends, I do) life goes on... my oldest still has to do her lessons, my toddler still gets up a few times a night and demands attention all day... oh and they are both still a bit sick too. I'm on day 4 of antibiotics and not feeling any better (oh and I never take antibiotics, honestly it's been about 10yrs). This morning DH said he was feeling sick again. Shoot Me Now!

So now that I've whined and rambled aimlessly to you guys you know why I've been missing. It really has been just to dang hard to take some photos and edit them and put a post together.

Since Valentine's Day fell smack in the middle of The Germ From Hell my little projects are pretty lame and some never even got finished (::cough:: 3d letters from svgcuts spelling XOXO on my mantle... oh and I hate those O's just sayin')

I did get a few things up as decorations though so this will be a big ol' make up post for you showing you all the things I've thrown together since my last post. If you'd like details on anything just lemmie know!

We'll start out with my fail. Ever since I made my beloved "fluffy" coffee paper wreath I've wanted to make a pink heart for Valentine's Day. I had visions of it and knew it would be my favorite thing ever.
I was wrong. It started out well enough, I had my big pile of coffee filters and made a dye bath for them. Not knowing what to do with a wet pile of coffee filters I tossed them in the dryer on low. That left me with sort of crunchy wrinkled pink filters. I started gluing... and gluing, and gluing. This is what I ended up with. I filled in the middle of the wreath hoping it would help the look (it didn't). Oh well, win some and lose some.

Next up is one of my favorites. I adore the glittered ornaments that everyone makes. When I saw the hearts for sale with the Christmas ones this past year I scooped up a few boxes with this project in mind. Sparkly hearts :::swoon:::

Here are three I packaged up in an adorable little box from the Silhouette store from Lori Whitlock for my mom, and here are the ones I made for us hung up with some Trendy Twine. In the middle is my next project.

I love the 3d hearts from Kenzie Daley aka Snapdragon Snippets. For the hanging one I combined parts from her hanging heart and heart snowglobe (which I also made but didn't embellish yet). I wanted something to mimic the look of the glitter glass hearts so I cut it from acetate, ran it through my xyron, and poured on red glitter... what a mess, but cute :)

Here are some cards I made, using both my beloved Cameo and my trusty ol' Expression (he doesn't get nearly the use he used to since Camey arrived but I do still love my cartridges).

Look at those tiny little hearts and circles, love love love my Cameo (that's thick metallic cardstock too I might add) The 3d heart box was also made with my Cameo.

Lastly (are you still with me?) a file I know will be used over and over. The amazing 3d frame, which doubles as a box sized perfectly for a chocolate bar I might add, from Sorry I don't have better photos of this one but my mom was walking out the door with it when I remembered that I forgot to take any so I just snapped a few really quick.

I promise to be back to posting more regularly now, it's actually been almost a week since I first started writing this post and I'm finally starting to feel better. Plus I have less then a month until I throw a big birthday party for my daughters, who are turning 8yrs old and 2yrs old (they are 6 yrs and 6 days apart).