Sunday, March 25, 2012

Birthday Banner & Make Your Own Crinkle Ribbon

Hi everyone! This is going to be a super crazy week for me. The birthday party I'm having for my daugthers will be on Saturday and I have... oh... NOTHING ready hardly. I'm so overwhelmed with everything I need to be working on that I'm sort of frozen in place, hopefully that'll pass in the next day LOL

Our moose of a dog Cooper is also in surgery right now, he has an abscess in his leg that is really infected so I'm worried about him and any doggie prayers are welcome!

I've been working on little things for the party and checked one off my list today. The "Happy Birthday" banner. I didn't go super all out on this since I figure it'll be used once, I will be adding some more ribbon to it I think, and some paper pinwheels but I figured I'd give you a peak at it now and will show it off again on the wall later in the week. BTW Our carpet isn't nasty dirty, I just had awful shadows in this photo LOL
Before I go on, I'm sure most of you are familiar with Becki over at The Happy Card Encouragement Factory, if not... go now (but come back ok?). Besides having the cutest banner I've ever seen she makes adorable crafts and has awesome tips all the time. Her newest blew me away.

Apparently I've been living under a rock because I didn't even know what crinkle ribbon was, let alone that I could make my own... and thank god I saw her tutorial before I learned about the ribbon or I would have spent a fortune ordering colors instead of just making my own. Becki is my new hero this week. You can expect more posts on this in the future but I had to quickly try whipping up a yard of this as soon as it arrived, oh just look: 
Isn't it gorgeous? I made that people... it started out as smooth white binding!!! Check out Becki's tutorial here and prepare to be amazed: Homemade Crinkle Ribbon

Here is a close up of one of the banner letters, I used Bazzill bling cardstock and I wish I would have bought a ton more when it was on sale at J's recently, I just adore the shimmer... of course I ran my letters though my trusty xyron and then glittered them up too.

My little one just woke up from her nap so I better go grab her, I'll be back soon with more birthday party prep projects!


  1. Doggie prayers coming your way! I love your banner, looking awesome!! I did know that crinkle ribbon can be made, but haven't made any yet. Looking forward to making some though!! Good luck with the parties!!


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