Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Hardest, Most Time Consuming, Simple Invitation Ever.

Do you ever get an idea in your head that refuses to leave? Something you need to make and nothing but your vision will suffice? That was me about a week ago. You see I'm planning a birthday party for my two daughters. Aliya will be turning 8 (wait, what? How the heck did that happen) and Liliana will be 2. I'm trying to go semi "all-out" (in our small mostly family only at home party way) since the past two years of birthdays for Aliya have pretty much sucked. Prior to birthdays number 6 & 7 I had always made her lots of decorations, gone crazy with balloons and streamers, and tried to give her a cake to really knock her socks off. Here is the cake I made for her 5th birthday party.

Yes my friends there is her 5th birthday cake in all of its fondant covered glory, and yes that is a life sized pineapple made from rice krispie treats on top (ok so the actual green top is from a real pineapple, my fondant version was too floppy). I had the cake, I had adorable handmade sugar cookies, lots of decorations... our invites were a message in an actual bottle that I hand delivered. It. Was. Awesome. 

Then I got pregnant. I was scheduled for a c-section 6 days after her 6th birthday... needless to say I was in no mood or shape for pretty much anything... she got a ton of ballons, no party to speak of, and a cake from Coldstone. I felt awful. I swore I'd make it up the next year. I had illusions of an amazing 7th birthday party for Ali and a 1st birthday to never forget for Lily. 

A month before their birthdays DH sprang the news that we were moving back home to MI from NJ. Oh and he would be moving 2 wks before the girls and I would, oh and that we'd be moving the week of their birthdays. 

I hang my head in shame over what I tell you next. Bad enough that Ali's birthday was spent with only her sister and I (though I did get 4 dozen ballons... that counts for something right?) since her daddy was already in MI, but little Lily... her first birthday... nothing. I gave her some presents sure, but she didn't get a cake, didn't get the great photos of herself in an adorable outfit covered in that cake. I swore after we got settled in at our new house I'd throw a belated party. Didn't happen. 

Yes friends, my almost 2yr old has never had a birthday party or cake. 

Well this year darn it I'm giving my girls a great party, or at least an amazing pinterest board full of ideas I hope to maybe get 1/10th of done LOL.

Enter my actual post subject. (finally eh? I go from not posting in almost 2 months to two long rambling ones... sorry!)
(ignore the white space after the party time, on the actual invite is our address... I love you guys and all but I'm thinking leaving my address off my blog seems like a good idea)

I'm throwing them a "pinwheels & pompoms" pink & orange (w/chocolate brown) party. I had the invite idea in my head after looking through some of my cricut cartridges. I fell in love with the little bird on the banner on the Birthday Bash cartridge. The problem was that I wanted two birds, a longer banner... oh and I was going to be making a small cut so I needed it to be a print & cut and just for kicks I wanted to use my digital papers. Yeah, my Cameo and the awesome Silhouette Studio software have more then spoiled me. What was I going to do? I searched the web high and low for an svg that had the same look and feel, nothing was right. Then it hit me.

The Cameo/Studio do great traces. In a cluster of steps I won't go into involving my Cricut Expression, black cardstock, my scanner, and then the Studio program and finally my Cameo I finally had my vision fulfilled. We won't discuss the hours it took to get it just right, but I ended up with a very quick to put together (one printed main sheet and one print & cut pop-dotted birdie banner) invite that I just adore. Thus proving that the Cameo is freaking awesome and that hanging on to my beloved Cricut carts and Expression is not a mistake. Expect to see more of these hybrid projects in the near future and lots and lots more of my planning for the party, which is now less then a month away and all I've done is make the invites (hey at least I mailed them out already).

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  1. Your invites are awesome! I love the orange, yellow and pink color combo!! It is fabulous how you were able to take your machines and do what you wanted them to do! Don't beat yourself up when it comes to things that are out of your control. You are more than making it up now.


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