Monday, March 12, 2012

Fuzzy Wuzzy Happiness!

Don't you just love it when you make something that causes you to smile every time you look at it? As I've mentioned I'm 3wks out from having a "pom poms & pinwheels" pink & orange b'day party for my girls. I knew I wanted something cute and colorful for the front door, and preferably something that would work for more then just the party so I could enjoy it for spring. I was looking at pinterest & googling different ideas when I came across this blog: Nature's Heirloom SWOON I fell in love with that wreath! I HAD to make my own, in our party colors of course! I own all of the plastic pompom makers and after trying them and just using my hands I agree just using your fingers to wrap is the way to go! I did my best to get photos, there is no color editing on these shots... it is that bright and happy in real life, you can't look at it and not smile.  (ignore my in need of fresh paint front door please)

My girls are sick so I was working on them on my cluttered diningroom table and well just look for yourself (see crafting/creating in chaos isn't just a catchy blog name, this is real life people). I'm going to be blowing orange & pink fuzz out of my nose for days, giving those poms their final shaping creates a insane amount of yarn fuzz. I had already vacuumed about 100x.
Did you notice the pinwheels on it? I'll have a post on those in another day or two, I'm making hairclips the same way for the little girls coming to the party! Super cute and very easy!

Back to work for me, I have about a zillion more tulle pom poms to make for my garland idea!

*side note, I hope to redo my blog in the next month or so... I can't get it to format/size photos correctly anymore for the life of me and while I love brown/cream I'd like a cleaner fresher look. 


  1. Candi, this is beautiful. Love the bright and bold colors!

    Trendy Twine

  2. I'm crazy about this wreath! I can't wait to make one of my own. So many color possibilities could be used. Can't wait for the pinwheel tutorial!

  3. great colors & it looks fantastic on your door! Have fun at the party!

  4. Oh my this makes me smile! I love the bright colors of this wreath and I love, love the pinwheels on it! I tell you know one will miss finding your house for the party!!

  5. Thank you ladies! Pinwheel tutorial soon, they only take a couple mins to make but I haven't had those mins to spare LOL

  6. No wonder this makes you smile, Candi. It is so happy-gorgeous! LOVE the pinks & orange together & the pin wheels are super cute.


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