Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

Did you happen to notice a big ol' fish tank in the back of one of my last photos? I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned my first love on this blog. Long before I even knew what stickles were or that digital cutters even existed I had a passion to create.... however it was underwater worlds.

Another reason besides "The Germ From Hell" that I've been MIA lately was that I was busy setting up a new tank and transferring rock/fish/corals.

I've been keeping reef tanks for over 6yrs now. I started with a 24g all in one tank, then added a 50g which quickly transferred to a 70g. My tanks and inhabitants made the original move from MI to NJ with me back over 5yrs ago, and then this past year moved back to MI.

Not sure if any of you are interested so I'll try not to go to overboard on the photos (or will create a separate page or blog for them) but since my fish & corals are such an important part of my life I wanted to share them with you here too!

This is my 70g before our move, it's far to much of a hot mess right now to show you. I had sold a ton of coral before we moved so I'd have less to transport, then sadly I lost a ton with the move. I'm in the midst of getting it back to its former glory.
Here is a shot of my old 24g
Here is my newest tank, and a couple of my new fish (the water is a bit cloudy still and the rocks are mostly white since it's only been running a few weeks)

Since I can't have a post without any crafting in it here is a card I made yesterday. This card was inspired by Vanessa over at Southern Cricut Lady. It's another hybrid card using my Cricut & Cameo (printed digital papers with my Cameo to cut on the Cricut, scanned the "water" cut from my Cricut to import into the Cameo to do a print & cut for the internal part of the card. I wanted my fish bowl to be actually clear so the card base was cut from acetate. Tag is attached with some Trendy Twine (love the color combo) and was colored with distress ink. The little shrimp is colored with my new promarkers, expect a big ol' post on those soon... I have no idea how to color but I absolutely LOVE them!


  1. Your under water worlds are amazing as are the fish that you have!!! I love all the vibrant colors of the fish and the coral, so beautiful!!! As just as beautiful is your card!!! Love it!!!

  2. Hi Candi!
    I have given you and your awesome blog the Liebster Award. Head on over to my blog to collect your award. I enjoyed looking at your card. I love your fish tank, its beautiful. My hubby wants to convert our freshwater tank to a salt water tank just like yours.

  3. The beautiful
    fish tanks must be a full time job, how do you find time to craft? Keep up the good work!

  4. Wow! I never thought my husband and I would find a blog that would cater to both of our hobbies! Lol! He is a reef tank enthusiast and I'm a paper crafting enthusiast. He can't say too much about how much my hobby costs because I know he has me beat! Thank you for sharing your beautiful tank, as well as your crafts!

  5. Paula: LOL I'm glad I had a post you could both appreciate, I'm thinking of starting another page on here about my tanks, maybe your DH can follow me LOL That said... Ixnay ethay alktay aboutway ostscay (yes I had to google a pig latin translator hehee) but my DH might read this, the tanks & crafts are both my hobbies


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