Thursday, March 1, 2012

Let's Play Catch Up!

Who here thought I fell off the face of the Earth or forgot I had a blog? Ok ok, put your hands down.

I'm sorry for going MIA. Taking a few photos and writing a quick post really isn't that hard but with the month I've had breathing is difficult at times. Thankfully nothing overly serious just a jumble of everything from router/internet issues to The Germ From Hell (yes that's its official name in my house). DH was sick (you know, "man sick"... where they can't even crawl out of bed for a whole days and suddenly you have 3 children), then the girls were sick but in the weirdness that is my sick children instead of resting they go psycho crazy and are up all night and all day and just crabby snot covered messes of misery. Then the inevitable happened.

I got sick.

However, as the wife and mother, I have "mom sick" which means no matter how much I feel like total death (and I do my friends, I do) life goes on... my oldest still has to do her lessons, my toddler still gets up a few times a night and demands attention all day... oh and they are both still a bit sick too. I'm on day 4 of antibiotics and not feeling any better (oh and I never take antibiotics, honestly it's been about 10yrs). This morning DH said he was feeling sick again. Shoot Me Now!

So now that I've whined and rambled aimlessly to you guys you know why I've been missing. It really has been just to dang hard to take some photos and edit them and put a post together.

Since Valentine's Day fell smack in the middle of The Germ From Hell my little projects are pretty lame and some never even got finished (::cough:: 3d letters from svgcuts spelling XOXO on my mantle... oh and I hate those O's just sayin')

I did get a few things up as decorations though so this will be a big ol' make up post for you showing you all the things I've thrown together since my last post. If you'd like details on anything just lemmie know!

We'll start out with my fail. Ever since I made my beloved "fluffy" coffee paper wreath I've wanted to make a pink heart for Valentine's Day. I had visions of it and knew it would be my favorite thing ever.
I was wrong. It started out well enough, I had my big pile of coffee filters and made a dye bath for them. Not knowing what to do with a wet pile of coffee filters I tossed them in the dryer on low. That left me with sort of crunchy wrinkled pink filters. I started gluing... and gluing, and gluing. This is what I ended up with. I filled in the middle of the wreath hoping it would help the look (it didn't). Oh well, win some and lose some.

Next up is one of my favorites. I adore the glittered ornaments that everyone makes. When I saw the hearts for sale with the Christmas ones this past year I scooped up a few boxes with this project in mind. Sparkly hearts :::swoon:::

Here are three I packaged up in an adorable little box from the Silhouette store from Lori Whitlock for my mom, and here are the ones I made for us hung up with some Trendy Twine. In the middle is my next project.

I love the 3d hearts from Kenzie Daley aka Snapdragon Snippets. For the hanging one I combined parts from her hanging heart and heart snowglobe (which I also made but didn't embellish yet). I wanted something to mimic the look of the glitter glass hearts so I cut it from acetate, ran it through my xyron, and poured on red glitter... what a mess, but cute :)

Here are some cards I made, using both my beloved Cameo and my trusty ol' Expression (he doesn't get nearly the use he used to since Camey arrived but I do still love my cartridges).

Look at those tiny little hearts and circles, love love love my Cameo (that's thick metallic cardstock too I might add) The 3d heart box was also made with my Cameo.

Lastly (are you still with me?) a file I know will be used over and over. The amazing 3d frame, which doubles as a box sized perfectly for a chocolate bar I might add, from Sorry I don't have better photos of this one but my mom was walking out the door with it when I remembered that I forgot to take any so I just snapped a few really quick.

I promise to be back to posting more regularly now, it's actually been almost a week since I first started writing this post and I'm finally starting to feel better. Plus I have less then a month until I throw a big birthday party for my daughters, who are turning 8yrs old and 2yrs old (they are 6 yrs and 6 days apart). 


  1. Wow, you and your family has had quite the time of it!! I hope everyone starts feeling better soon and that you can start to get crafty again. I love all your V-day projects, even the coffee filter one!! Awesome job with them all!!! Heres to staying healthy!!!

  2. I love all of your creations!!! When you were feeling better you were on a roll girl!!! All of these are awesome!!! So sorry to hear everyone in your house got that nasty germ!!! I can definately take you down for the count!!!!! Great to see you posting again too!!!


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