Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mmmm Coffee...

Have I told you how much I love coffee? I consider it a food group :) I share my coffee addiction love with my best friend, so when I saw these adorable cups in the Silhouette store I had to buy the file, and of course the matching pop-up, because let's be real here... any excuse for a fun pop-up card!

My bestie loves chocolate brown & blue so I thought this was the perfect color combo for her.

(I know some might consider these tea cups, however I'd drink coffee from a baby bottle if all my mugs were dirty though so I'd definitely drink it from these pretty little cups... work with me here people)

I finally broke out and used some of the nestabilities I may or may not have purchased obsessively compulsively over several months last fall until I had a whole binder full of them <wink> Honestly though even though I never remember to use them I do love them, it's easy to cut any shape I want with my Cameo but that little embossed edge gets me everytime. Almost no embellishing on this card, the gorgeous cuts speak for themselves, I just added a few little dots of white gel pen on the inside & used pop-dots on the cups on the front. I really love how this card turned out and I'm considering making a slightly larger one as wall art for my kitchen!

I have to get back to party planning, I've been looking at and buying so much pink, orange, and brown stuff it's all I see when I close my eyes LOL so far I still haven't actually made anything though yet ::sighs:: but oh do I have cute plans, here is my little pinterest board if you're interested: PomPom & Pinwheel Party Ideas


  1. Beautiful card! I love the color combo, and the coffee, tea-what kind of cups someone wants to call them are just adorable!! Love the detail in each cup and the pop up part is amazing!

  2. Candi, these are beautiful. Love the brown and blue colors. And all the details are amazing.


  3. Candi, beautiful card. The color combo is awesome, and I can see what you mean with the embossed edge, kinda gives it that finishing touch.

    Would be fantastic as wall art


  4. I love the blue and brown and the card is GREAT!! I'm with you about drinking coffee out of anything that's clean, so these definitely pass as coffee cups to me.

  5. Amazing! I really need to stop being so afraid of my silhouette. These are so stunning. And yes coffee is definitely a food group. It also counts as on of the major meals of the day: breakfast. hehehe. Thanks for the inspiration!


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