Sunday, March 18, 2012

Please Excuse The Chaos, messing with blog design today :)

Just a quick post to let everyone know that my blog will likely look all wonky for a few days, I'm working on changing how it looks (in short bursts when my 2yr old isn't hitting me with Elmo books screaming "READ IT!!!") I have no idea how I want it to look other then cleaner, with space for larger photos (and hopefully normal formatting since the spacing has been sooo weird lately no matter what I do) and I'm trying to make myself bring in some bright fun colors (but yes, so far chocolate brown is still winning LOL)

You're going to have to live with the semi blurry header for now, I really want to use the adorable LD svg images, however I only know how to work with them with Silhouette Studio... and since I can't save as a .png file with it I have to take a screen shot and resize and well... that's what you get. I do have Ai so maybe I can figure that out eventually. If anyone wants to help me I'd love you forever and ever <3

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