Monday, April 9, 2012

Pinwheels & Pom Poms Part 3... Yum!

Next up on the posts about my daughters birthday party I thought I'd show you some of the treats I made. It was just a 2 hour "sweets & treats" party so I didn't want to go crazy and just wanted a few cute/tasty (and preferably party theme colored LOL) snacks.

Here is my Aliya, I still don't know how she's already 8!!!

Dip just about anything in chocolate and it's good right? Dip it in colored candy melts and add some sprinkles and no kid can resist (I swear my daughter would probably try a brussel sprout if I made it pink and covered in sprinkles... well maybe not).

So we had coated marshmallows (some on a stick... because everyone knows that the only thing better then sprinkles is something with sprinkles on a stick), chocolate dipped oreos, dipped pretzel sticks, 2 kinds of homemade cookies (pinwheel sugar cookies & jam thumb prints which are so stinking good I could eat a whole batch w/o blinking), a little "make your own snack mix" area, cupcakes, and the cake (and some cheese/crackers & fruit kabobs & drinks of course).

Here are a few shots of things (mostly taken w/ my cell phone while I was making them). I don't even like marshmallows but those strawberry ones dipped in chocolate were REALLY good!


Though they are looking a bit rough (was working on them around midnight the night before the party) the sugar cookies are sooo good. I'll post the recipe for them & the icing soon, I tried so many roll out recipes before finding this one and it's just wonderful. They roll out so easily, keep their shape, and taste really good. These got a bit brown on the tips but were still really yummy. I had to have pinwheel cookies for the party, guess what NO ONE makes... a pinwheel shaped cookie cutter. I bought the pastry cutter but it didn't work well (the folded over parts didn't cook enough) so I instead cut a template and cut each cookie by hand. Ugh. 

Then I had to ice them, normally I use a baby spoon and carefully ice this type of cookie but knowing I needed two colors to get the pinwheel effect I had to pipe the icing, in a genius moment I realized I could use the squeeze bottles I bought and didn't use for the candy melts for icing... OMG I will never ice these another way again, it was perfect! They are a bit messy but like I said it was late and I was really tired. 

The cake.

Oh what a hot mess the cake ended up being. I opted to use my favorite little cheat, buy a Costco sheet cake and cut it up and then use the marshmallow fondant on it. The problem is I haven't done this since Aliya's 5th birthday and apparently Costco cakes have changed in 3yrs (or the NJ ones and MI ones are different) but it just didn't work. The cake was much thinner and floppier. I didn't measure correctly so it didn't fit on my platter correctly. It basically turned into a floppy mess and was too warm so the fondant just flopped too. Also I should have really found something to put under it so it would have at least had the illusion of height. Oh well. 

Thank goodness I had made the gum paste pinwheels, they were the only redeeming thing on the cake and pretty much saved it. There is a pin on my pinterest board for how to make them but basically its the premade gum paste, colored (I did some swirly color combos too) and then just cut into a square and made into pinwheels. After they dried I took some vodka & coloring and darkened up the folded portions & middles.

The good news is that little kids see past obvious hot messness (like that word?) and my daughters both thought it was totally awesome LOL 

One last post coming up so I can show you the adorable shirt I embellished for Lily, those pinwheel hair clips, and the party favors (which involved cutting vinyl). 

Oh one more thing before I go, remember how I said poor little Lily didn't even get a 1st b'day cake? Well I'm happy to report she's finally had a smash cake of her own... but was dignified enough at the old age of 2 to use her spoon instead of her fists hehee (taken on her actual b'day and that little tongue licking off the frosting cracks me up!)

Thanks for looking! 


  1. You did an amazing job, Candi. Wow, that is a lot of work making all of those pinwheels. What a beautiful party.


  2. Everything is fabulous! I love the color scheme and your girls are just to cute for words!!


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