Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pom Poms & Pinwheels Part 2

You can't have a pom pom & pinwheel party without lots and lots of pom poms and pinwheels right? I decided to do a mini pom pom garland, medium & large pom poms hanging, and then using pinwheels as a decorative garnish. Originally I was going to just make all tissue paper pom poms but then realized if I made them from tulle they would last (and last until the party better too since I wanted to make them in advance). I found several tutorials for making pom poms (both using tissue & tulle) and you can check my pinterest board here if you're curious: Candi's Pinterest Birthday Board. For the garland ones, what I found worked best was using a plastic embossing folder and wrapping 7 times, then I just cut up the sides and tied tightly with some embroidery thread. I made 80 of these little darlings and strung them on fishing line, I LOVE THEM!!!

Next up were the medium sized ones, I made these out of tulle also and this time I made 2 circles of cardboard, cut a hole in the middle big enough for my roll of tulle to fit through and then wrapped them, trimmed around the circles and tied together (wrapping 4 times overlapping which gave me a fullness I was happy with). I love the garland but I really love the puffiness of the medium sized ones too (oh who am I kidding I love all the pom poms!!!) Also ignore that hateful fixture, we're renting this house so I can't replace the fixtures, gut the kitchen, and tear out the tile & carpet like I want to <wink>

If you're curious I searched around for the best price of shimmer tulle, I came across and I couldn't be happier with my purchases from them. They are in the middle of some revamping right now (they sell on amazon, etsy, ebay, and on their own site and had all different stock lists) but I highly recommend them from whichever location you purchase, I will absolutely be buying from them again in the future (I can see many tutus in my little girls future LOL).

I also made medium and large sized tissue paper pom poms following Martha Stewart's tutorial, I don't love them as much as the tulle ones and I think in the future it would be worth it to me to go all out and make giant tulle ones instead but they are quick/easy/cheap.

The pinwheels... well I had visions of making tons of amazing paper spinning pinwheels... didn't happen. What I ended up with was buying some quilting quarters (I hope that's the right terminology, I don't sew) and then I used the iron adhesive sheets (again forgive me for blanking on the real name, steam 2 steam or something like that?) and attached 2 types of fabrics back to back so I would have double sided pinwheels. Then it was just as simple as cutting them out and a few snips and a brad in the middle (I used my crop a dile to make the holes) and some double sided tape and they were stuck to the walls.

I also made a quick pillow cover and some felt pinwheels so my sofa didn't feel left out and the little girls who attended received felt pinwheel hair clips (soo quick and easy to make and just adorable!) you just cut out 2 squares of felt (I like to do slightly smaller for the top one) and snip the 4 corners, fold your corners in and sew a button to hold them in the middle (I used plain clear buttons, colored with my promarkers and then covered with stickles... I just love making custom buttons that way!). Opps I can't find a good photo of the hairclips, I'll add one to the final post on the party. I also realize 1/2 of these pink & orange photos look awful, my DSLR just seems to hate the combo and I can't capture the true colors no matter what I try!

Thanks for looking, I'll shoot for getting the 3rd and final post up in the next couple of days! It's the yummy one with all our tasty treats :) 


  1. Love it! So festive and bright colors!!

  2. Wow, Candi, those tulle pom poms are gorgeous. I wish we lived closer. I'd love to have you decorate my whole house with those.

    Lesley @ Trendy Twine

  3. Oh my goodness! This is so pretty! I love your pom poms! Fantastic job!


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