Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pom Poms & Pinwheels Party Part 1

Hi Everyone! It has been such a crazy week since my last post, I'm happy to say I got about 75% of what I wanted done for the party actually done and everyone had a wonderful time yesterday, especially my 2 little birthday girls! I think I made enough things for weeks of posts but I'll break it in a couple parts so that I don't drown you at once in photos or drag on the posts for weeks LOL (though I am going to be a tease and put a photo of the sweet table here right now, I'm evil like that)

So here is part 1: some of the paper projects. You've already seen the banner but here is another shot of it actually hanging on the wall, so hard to photograph since it's made from shimmer paper & glittered. I used my ribbon from my last post to hang it and 2 pinwheels from the freebie file from svgcuts.

Next up are the birthday hats for my girls. I had intended to make one for each of the kids who came but time ran short and I decided they would just get ripped up so it wasn't worth the effort. They are also cut from the bling cardstock and the hat itself is from svgcuts recent release "happy birthday to you" which also includes the awesome cupcake I made for my mom recently, and an awesome tiered cake (which I need to make) and 2 cute cards. If you don't already own the kit, yes you need it.

Lastly for today, but certainly not least, is the adorable ... well I'm not sure what to call it LOL we'll just go with "table or wall decoration". It was inspired by the ridiculously awesome Tamara over at HappyLifeCraftyWife. Her's is to die for, I mean come on... then again all of her creations make me swoon and yes I openly admit (in a totally non-creepy/non-stalker type way) that I wish she was one of my best friends so that I could hang out with her and hope some of her awesomeness rubbed off on me. So this is my simpler take on her creation, done with our party colors.

The backgrounds of the cutouts are digital paper I created from shapes using the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition (I'll do a video post on how quick and easy it is to make your own custom color digital papers with some of their background shapes soon). The tricky part was that 3 of my letters had cut outs that needed to float. My solution was to cut 1" pieces of small dowels and use glue dots to hold them in place, it worked perfectly and after a week of being up they are still holding steady.

The whole thing is just shallow boxes and then I cut the letter shapes out of the lids and lined them with paper. Few little cut embellishments and the extra "Happy Birthday" glued on and it was done. I really wanted to make svgcuts 3d letters but this was so much faster and easier and I think just as cute.

I hope you enjoyed my party part 1 and I'll be back tomorrow or the next day to show you more, of course here is another sneak peak showing the double sided fabric pinwheels I made and the tulle pom pom garland, and up in the top left one of the giant tissue paper pom poms <grin> just wait, I have tons more LOL:


  1. very cute party decor.love the pinwheels.Beautiful colors and banner.

  2. I can't believe the amount of work you put into the girls party. You are an awesome crafty mom! I dream of doing these amazing things but somehow it just doesn't happen. I can't wait to see the next pics!!


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