Monday, May 21, 2012

Owl Always Be There For You!

Hi everyone, happy Monday! I have a quick card to share with you today. I just love all of the graphics that Hero Arts sells in the Silhouette store, such a easy way to get their adorable stamp images (and with my subscription they are so inexpensive they are almost free). You could cut them out but I usually use them as digital stamps. Their owls are some of my favorites and I was looking around online at cards made with them and came across this one: Owl Card. I'm not sure who to credit since clicking on it just links me to the Hero Arts blog. 

Here is my CASED card using the slightly different colors & text:

I did layer the sentiment but the card is still far more flat/simple then my usual so I had to do something to jazz it up a bit, Trendy Twine to the rescue. A single line of Chocolate Truffle twine (I think my favorite color since I love using browns so much) was just the perfect touch, still keeping a very simple and clean card but adding a little extra.

Thanks for looking! My girls and I are off to the park. I have a super fun post to get up for you guys soon & I'll leave you with a hint... it'll be titled "happiness, on a stick" :D

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day Lever Cards

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day, I spent the day with my 2 little darlings and my husband and FIL (my MIL is in FL for a couple of weeks). Hubby bought me the most beautiful orchid and delicious chocolates to go with the stamps I ordered for myself hehehe. Oh and I'll have to show you guys the card he picked out, it's so pretty I think I'm going to frame it (which says a lot since I usually toss store bought cards <wink> )

I'm a bit late in sending out the remainder of my Mother's Day cards this year (bit of a glitch with my Cameo blades, they are making good on the problem so I won't go into it other then to say, such an amazing machine, such crap for a blade housing!). This will be a quick post for today, trying to get the girls and myself ready to head to Costco & get back home to wait for our new sofa (yippie, I've been wanting it for years!)

I used a lever card from svgcuts and modified it a bit to suit my needs, the flowers are both from the the Silhouette store and the paper was a digital one I filled the shape with and did a pnc after adding in my words (love how quick and easy it is to add text with Studio).

I just love lever cards, they are a bit hard to photograph since they pop open but they are so fun to make. Here you can see how they work a bit better, they look complicated but are super fast to make.

The insides were looking a bit plain so I added a stamp which I quickly color washed with my prismacolor pencils & gamsol.

Lastly, for you other cheapskates thrifty crafters out there... do you ever stamp on your envelopes? I find it's a quick and fun way to dress up the plain white envelopes I buy in bulk.

Thanks for looking, have a beautiful day!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Repeat

If this set looks familiar it's because I copied my copy :)  I decided to remake the gift I gave my mother in law for her birthday as a Mother's Day gift for my own mother, but in color this time since she loves bright & cheerful things.

Sorry for the bad angle & lighting, I finished these right before she arrived and didn't have time to do a better job on the photos. The cute little snail is from Joann's, my mom collects snails. 

This shows the finish on the frame a bit more, I just love Rangers rock candy, I need to find the larger sized jar for sale! I'm also still loving the boldness of the flowers with the delicate nature of the quilling, I really need to find time to learn how to quill nicely, such an amazing artform! 

close up of the card, same as last time I printed a digital paper and then carefully layered the lace cutout design on top (using a glue pen to put a few dots of glue to hold it). The Cameo cuts these thin cuts so amazingly well!

I'll be back soon to show the other cards I made for Mother's Day soon! (you know, after I make them... OPPS, sort of slacking this month!)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Looky Looky... I'm on Facebook!

I've only been talking about it forever, but I finally made a page for my blog on facebook. I even made my page all pretty by creating a header with Studio. I'm still figuring out the settings for timeline but I'd love if you guys would head on over and "like" me so we can chitter chatter at each other :) I'll be doing some giveaways once I get everything set up in the next week or two also!

working on design today

Hi everyone! My blog will be a work in progress today, I'm working on a new header and on getting a facebook page all set up. Though I own the whole CS4 suite with photoshop and illustrator I have no idea how to use them so I'm actually using Silhouette Studio to create my images and just taking screen shots to load... it's actually working out far better then I anticipated. Have I mentioned yet today how much I love my Cameo and Silhouette Studio DE? I LOVE THEM! I hope you like my new theme idea & color choices!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Circle One

Ok here it goes. I've been thinking about this for some time now, actually even before I started up the blog. If you look at my actual blog address is not crafting in chaos, its chaos -n- crafts. My original intent was to have a blog that allowed me to ramble aimlessly to strangers connect to like minded individuals and share some crafts to hopefully amuse and inspire.

I wussed out, for the most part I've just kept the blog focused on some crafts with a tiny bit of my daily life sneaking in. I find that I don't post as often as I'd like because I don't always have a card or project to share and worry that if I posted things like my search for the perfect shade of lipgloss or my love of strudel you guys would be all "what the heck, isn't this a crafting blog? Who cares about her lipgloss or unhealthy strudel obsession... is she going to post a card with strudel on it?" I am humbled and shocked that over 70 people in the world are even interested to see my projects or read my blog in the first place, and I'm terrified that I'll annoy/offend or otherwise drive you guys away and then I'd be all pouty and lonely and really is a lipgloss-less, strudel addicted, exhausted, over-caffeinated, homeschooling mom going to be more attractive if she's all weepy eyed? No... no she's not. So I have kept myself focused on the crafts only.

Wow, why do I feel like an awkward 4th grader passing a note.

So... what do you say? Wanna be best buddies? I follow a crazy amount of blogs, but I find the ones I care the most about don't just have awesome crafts, they have real stories about real people who manage to connect with me even if we don't know each others first names. I don't really know these ladies but I love hearing about their day to day lives, what they bought at Target, if they found a great sale on TP, etc.

Would you guys still follow me if I blab aimlessly all the time from time to time? Would you find my blog more interesting if I tried connecting with you more like you were my best friend or would you prefer I just show the projects and keep the chitter chatter to a minimum? I swear I won't be offended either way. I'm also going to make a facebook page for my blog, I could keep this professional and just be chatty on facebook?

I'd love opinions and feedback, not that I'll necessarily listen to you, but just so that you feel like you have a say in this. (I'm totally kidding, I'd honestly love to know what you think!)

PS: I do have a couple of projects to share soon, just have to find the time/energy/clean spot on the counter to take some photos!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ole' !

Hi everyone! Wow it's been too long again. This time of the year is always a bit crazy for me, we homeschool year round but the summer is more laid back so these final "school year" weeks are busy making sure we've covered everything I wanted to get covered. I've also tried out for my first DT, obviously my fingers are crossed that I get in but even if I don't make it I had so much fun designing & creating my projects, I can not wait to share them with you guys... I think you'll love them, I do!

So today is Cinco de Mayo, I absolutely adore Mexican food and I'd never pass a margarita so I couldn't let today slip by without creating a new card and sharing it with you. I wanted to do something sort of fun  and the idea of a worm swimming around in a tequila bottle popped into my head. I didn't see anything suitable on my bug cartridges or in the silhouette store for the bottle so I did a google image search and found a drawing (which I'm driving myself crazy searching for again to give credit, as soon as I find it I'll update this post) which I used for the inspiration for the bottle and then I added a worm from the LD buggy valentine set and a little hat I found online. The margarita glass is from the silhouette store. Both the bottle and glass were double cut, with the top layer being acetate to mimic glass... go figure, the one time I couldn't get a glare to show you how neat it looks in person. I couldn't resist adding a glittered button with a bit of trendy twine twisted lime twine, the name alone meant it has to be on a margarita card! I'm not sure where the background paper came from, but doesn't it just scream fiesta?

No margarita is complete without a salted rim, or in this case a glittered one!

I hope you have a great weekend, I'm off to pick up a bottle of Cuervo Gold... OLE'