Friday, June 1, 2012

Don't Blame The Gerbil.

Ever make an impulse craft purchase? Maybe a set of stamps you saw and just had to have? A stack of paper when you swore you weren't buying any more? How about a spontaneous gerbil purchase? No!?! You're not guilty of buying a small rodent on impulse? Ok guess it's just me then.

I found a line drawing of a gerbil using google image search, I dragged it into Studio and did a trace. Set the color to black & the lines to white, then made sure to click on "print lines of image" (I've found this gives the best digital stamp image) and did an offset for my cutlines. I typed the text and also did an offset to get my speech bubble. Quick coloring with my promarkers and stuck it all together. 
Please excuse the photo, I lost the sd card for my camera & had to use my laptop to snap a photo.

This post is really my way of letting my beloved, sweet, handsome, generous, totally awesome (am I laying it on too thick?) husband (who I love soooo much) know that we have another little critter in the house, and so that if I go missing you guys know what happened to me (I'm thinking he won't be too thrilled).

In my defense I've always had an affinity for little pets, I've raised everything from sugar gliders to chinchillas to flying squirrels. We had a nice long rodent free run after the birth of our 1st daughter (when I realized my love of saltwater fish and corals) but DH let the girls get guinea pigs a few weeks ago and it must have awakened my inner rodent love LOL

I went to petsmart just to pick up bedding for the guinea pigs, we always look at the pets... today it was different. The cutest little face was looking back at us. It was love at first sight for Aliya and I. I've never even been drawn to gerbils but this little siamese colored gray gerbil screamed "TAKE ME HOME", I read the little info tag and it said they were easily tamed, friendly, and since they were from the desert they didn't drink much and therefore didn't pee (or smell) much...and my brain turned off. I remembered I had a cage from when DH and I had pet mice (see he used to be in on this) when we first moved in together. Next thing I knew we were at home with the gerbil.

So... honey. I'm sorry, but meet my new little crafting friend Willow (because Aliya said he was the color and softness of a pussywillow plant). I promise I won't let him pee on your head (everyone else, don't ask... lets just say I was forbidden to ever get another flying squirrel LOL)

As soon as I find my SD card I'll be posting some fun new projects and I have HUGE news to share with you guys on Monday, so check back!

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  1. Very cute! Can't wait for your news on Monday! :)


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