Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nail Art w/ Sakura Glaze Pens

Super quickie post because I just find this so fun that I had to share, I'm sorry for the rough photo I just snapped it quickly with my phone (also ignore that I have rough looking sausage fingers mmkay?). Basically my 8yr old wanted to have her nails done a bit fancier, so I thought I'd look at my scrapbook supplies and see if anything might work... I realized the Sakura glaze (and souffle for that matter) pens work on glossy surfaces and a little light bulb went off. She didn't want me posting her nails but I did the cutest polkadots on hers and then I thought I'd try something with mine to see what happened. I have really short nails (crafting and toddler care and all) but I wanted a sparkly french manicure. I grabbed a glaze pen and drew on the little french tip and quickly poured on some Martha glitter, let it dry for a bit and put on a single coat of clear polish over the top. That was this morning and they are still holding up perfectly even with dish washing, playing outside with the girls, hand washing, etc. So super fun to use on your daughters, or yourself for that matter... and if you're artistic I bet you could draw cute images on your nails too!

I'll be back later or tomorrow to show the Father's Day cards I made.

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