Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Turn a line drawing into a full color layerable image

Wow guys, I'm feeling a bit cheap this week... it's one quickie post after another ;)  I promise to get some longer posts with more photos/info up soon. In the mean time I hope you still enjoy this info.

I just learned how to do this with Studio this past week and had a few people as how I did it, so I made a VERY quick/simple video to show the basic process. Basically using a few simple steps you can turn any line image you can find (google image search is priceless here) or import (ie scan your stamps!) into a full color layerable image that you can then cut in layers for paper piercing, cutting with vinyl, or even doing as a color print and cut. The possibilities are endless and it's just plain fun to see a coloring page looking image transform into full color.

If you have any questions let me know, thanks again for visiting & any comments!


  1. I've been enjoying browsing your blog this afternoon and have gotten lots of inspiration. So thank you for that! I just tried to view the video you provided but it says it's private. Is there some way I can view it?

    1. sorry about that, checked the settings and I *think* it should work now!


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