Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tweet Tweet

Thought I'd take a min to let you know why I've been MIA for a bit.  My MIL brought over a tiny baby bird... fluff on it's head, no feathers, eyes still closed. She had found him on the ground outside of his nest that morning, put him back in only to find him about 10ft away that late afternoon. 

I honestly didn't even think he was alive when she showed up with him in a disposable rubbermade container w/nothing but 2 leaves inside. Knowing that these little birds rarely ever survive I at least wanted to do the best I could to comfort him so I gave him a soft little nest from an old cloth diaper, looked up online what to feed him, and got him on a heating pad.... I didn't think he'd survive the night. That was almost 2wks ago & "Little Peep" is doing great!!! He's a house wren.

Little Peep about a week ago, I don't have any earlier photos since I really didn't think he'd make it, plus he was about 1/2 this size, blind, and featherless... and rather ugly LOL I'll add some newer photos later today.

He's fully feathered, started perching a bit yesterday and loves squawking at me to be fed...however baby birds need to be fed every 1/2hr from dawn till dusk (and he likes to stretch that till about 11pm). 

I have managed to get a few projects done to share with you though, and of course they are bird inspired! 

I have aspirations to make a whole collection of different 3d bird houses, I think I need more shelves in my house for display first though. 

Here is a simple, but pretty, one made from a file purchased in the Silhouette store by one of my favorite designers, Patricia Zapata. I cut it out of Wausau gold cardstock and added a flower & butterfly (both from punches) to the top. These take a bit of time to have the machine cut but go together very quickly. 

Next is my new obsession (also thanks to Patricia).... I have a few planned out but not cut yet and hope to do a video tutorial showing how easy it is to design your own (with one or 2 layers), until then go to Patricia Zapata's site A Little Hut, or search for her files in the Silhouette store. Her designs are amazing and totally the style I'm drawn to use in my own home decorating. Her double tree wall art in the Silhouette store inspired me to start creating my own files of this style. Here is a single layer that I made for my house, it was cut from shimmer cardstock which is beautiful in person but a total pain to photograph. 

Thank you for looking everyone! TWEET TWEET!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ra Ra Ra it's time for TRENDY TWINE!

Hi Everyone! Did you miss me? Sorry I've been missing for awhile, I'll write up a post tomorrow to explain why... but in the mean time, it's time for a Trendy Twine project!!!

We're featuring Berry Red Trendy Twine this month, and it's on sale (so go get yourself a spool, or two... Christmas in July and all right?)

We've been asked to show you some fun & creative uses for twine, sure it's great to wrap around your project or add the perfect little bow but you can do so much more with it too! Today I decided to make my little Hello Kitty shaped card some fun twine pom poms!

All I did was wrap the twine around two of my fingers several times, then tie it in the middle and spread it out to shape... I made mine fairly flat since I'm going to be mailing my card but if you wrap more you can have an adorable little round twine pom pom.

When I finished assembling my card I felt like it needed something extra, normally if I'm going to add glitter I'd run my pieces through my xyron and glitter them up that way but this was already assembled so I opted to use Stickles.... and love how it turned out! Isn't "miss kitty" (what my oldest daughter always called her when she was little) just adorable?

Don't forget that we have a super fun Challenge going on this month with Trendy Twine, see HERE for the details and to enter!

Thanks for looking everyone!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Round Shadow Box Frame File!

I'm feeling pretty awesome right now. I created a file in Studio DE!!! Someone on facebook posted an image of a pre-made chipboard round shadow box and asked if anyone knew of a file to make something similar... I didn't, but I knew I wanted one and had an idea in my head of how to make it.

After playing around in Studio DE I have one to share with all of you!!!

I planned to make an assembly video so you could listen to my rambling as I put it together for you, however the problem with having a pocket camcorder is that they are tiny... and easily lost... and... um... yeah. Operation "find the camcorder" will start this afternoon and I'll make that video just as soon as I can, until then you'll have to deal with a ton of poorly lit photos and my attempts at written instruction. Thankfully it's only a few main pieces and really easy to put together. I made the depth approx 1", it shouldn't be too hard to make it deeper if you want (if there is enough interest I can edit it and make one that is deeper). It's sized right now to cut the main pieces on letter sized piece of paper but you can resize it as you see fit, you'll need to twist the tabbed section & decorative strips sideways to fit on your mat if you go too big, or cut them in 1/2 and then adhere together if you go really big.. again if you need help let me know and I can do a screen capture video to show you how to do it).

Here's a quick photo I took with my laptop showing one I made late last night so you get an idea on the finished product. Please note that my file is NOT including the Echo Park embellishments or an easel, both can be found in the Silhouette Store to purchase.

When you open the file you'll see this:

The 3 parts on your cutting mat are your main portion of the frame. The inner circle that pops out after you cut can be used for another project, you don't need it for this one. 

Step 1: if you're going to use the decorative strips now is the time to apply them, you can do a strip for the inside of the frame and one for the outside, just line them up on each side in the center and glue on.

Step 2: Make a circle out of your tabbed section by lining it up and gluing it together (yours will be decorated if you decided to decorate it)

Step 3: Fold one side of the tabs inward and the other outward

Step 4: Apply glue to the inside tabs (work quickly) and place the back of your fame inside and press down to secure it evenly (you can obviously used patterned paper here if you want, or you could cut an additional circle out of patterned paper or a photo to place on top)

Step 5: This step is optional, if you want to have a piece that is finished all around w/no tabs showing you will cut the other tire looking piece (do note that the two tire pieces are NOT the same, the one for the front has a smaller inner circle and the one for the rear has a larger inner circle.) You will slide this over the back, it's a tight fit but go slow and it'll work (don't worry about glue at this point) (I'm using a contrasting pattern/color so you can see it better... your tabs will also all be glued down, I was in a rush while my 2yr old napped)

Step 6: Continuing the optional rear piece turn your frame back over and apply glue all around the tabs and the back piece (again work quickly)

Step 7: Center and apply the front piece of your frame now, note that if you didn't use a decorative back piece you would simply add glue to the tabs and then center your piece and press to seal... I like using a back piece even if you use solid paper since it does make the frame stronger and hide the tabs. 

Step 8: also optional, use the last piece in the decorative grouping to cover the back panel & tabs

You'll need an easel file if you want this to stand up, I sadly don't have one to share but I did see a couple listed in the Silhouette store or you can probably find something to trace online. You could also resize this pretty large & hang it on the wall... I'll be making a big one soon and will post once I do. It would also be cute used as an ornament for the holidays.

Hope this helps and look for a video as soon as I find that pesky camera! 

Here is a link to the file: Candi's Round Shadow Box Frame I do ask that you send people to my blog to download it though instead of sharing it yourself. Thanks!  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Carousel Birthday ( & a cased card )

I've got to get better with photographing my projects and actually getting things posted for you guys... I've got quite a backlog going here of things I want to show but haven't had time yet to share.

I have two cards to share with you today.

My Grandma just celebrated her 85th birthday, one of my fondest memories of time with her while I was  growing up was when she'd show my cousins and myself her vast music box collection, she had them in a large glass front cabinet and my favorite was always the large carousel. When I saw these files in the Silhouette store I knew they would be perfect.

Do you guys love digital paper as much as I do? I find I rarely go through the stacks I have but I have no problem scrolling through my digital collections to find the perfect paper, plus with Studio it's so easy to fill shapes, adjust color intensity, and even pull colors from the paper for other elements. That's what I did here with the carousel... I pulled the blue & green out of the gorgeous background paper (Spring Celebration - Lori Whitlock) and did a print & cut to get my layers. My Cameo did a great job of cutting out the little horses and I pop-dotted the middle one. I bit of stickles and the outside was finished. 

Of course the inside had to be special too... 

I just love the surprise a pop up gives a card! I opted to keep it clean and simple inside instead of decorating the pop up but I did do a print & cut for the sentiment again using the banner digital paper. 

My next card is CASEd from Yania who is one of Lawn Fawn's DT members. Are you guys familiar with Lawn Fawn stamps? OMG they are stinkin' adorable and I seriously want to CASE every single one of the cards on the blog, the DT is awesome! 

I thought the little ants marching away with fruit card was super cute and here is my copy of it. I colored my fruit with promarkers and added some glossy accents for the cherries. It's hard to tell but of course all the fruits & banner pieces are pop-dotted. I used Trendy Twine for my banner and again used some digital papers (another great thing with Studio, you can resize your digital papers, so I was able to make my patterns perfectly sized for stamping on the banners!) Speaking of the banner, I cut my sentiment out of black vinyl... you can get much smaller and cleaner cuts using vinyl then paper making it perfect for this sort of use! 

Thanks for visiting today!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Red, White, & Blue with Trendy Twine

Hi Everyone! Can you believe it's almost the 4th of July? It's also a super fun day for me today, July officially marks the start of the new Trendy Twine design team, and I'm sharing my project here with you too!

I decided to make a festive paper cone wreath for our front door. There are a ton of tutorials on how to make these on Pinterest & Google, basically you take squares of paper and just roll them into a cone (hot glue is your friend if you're using heavy cardstock, my tape runner wasn't cutting it for the shimmer paper) and glue them closed, then position them into your desired pattern around a center circle. You can do one layer like I did here, or as many as you want. You could leave the center open by positioning your cones out, or have them meet in the middle. Such a fun idea don't you think? (please ignore the slightly squished section, and may I remind anyone with toddlers... it might be a bad idea to place your new paper wreath on a chair for a min, I suppose if you're two it looks like a great cushion)

For the best part (those who are still using a Cricut, you might want to turn away from your monitor right now, I wouldn't want you to get circle envy)... the twine accents! 

The center shape is from the Silhouette store, do you see those zillion little tiny circles :::swoon::: are they not just perfect for running the yummy Berry Red Trendy Twine through? Of course I had to add a sweet little double bow and then my favorite part of the wreath.... the curley cues! 

eeeekk aren't they the cutest little things? So super easy too, all you do is take your choice of clear drying glue (I used modge podge) and coat your Trendy Twine, then wrap it around a plastic drinking straw until it dries (do you notice the slight sparkle on mine? Not the best photo of it but you better believe I sprinkled some glitter on mine while they were still wet too!). Once they dry just slide them off and add them to your project... LOVE! I again used the Berry twine and also the color I featured last month, Blue Berry.

I hope you enjoyed my 4th of July project, make sure you head over to Trendy Twine to see all the other amazing creations from the rest of the new design team which will be featured today and tomorrow.  

As a bit of extra incentive there is an awesome giveaway going on along with the amazing My Thoughts Exactly now until July 4th for this awesome price package (details on the blog)

Last, but not least, we have a new monthly challenge running for July so be sure to enter that as well, it's a really great prize this month: winner gets the Extreme Mini Pack of Trendy Twine, AND 50 yds of Berry Trendy Twine!