Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Thought I'd take a min to let you know why I've been MIA for a bit.  My MIL brought over a tiny baby bird... fluff on it's head, no feathers, eyes still closed. She had found him on the ground outside of his nest that morning, put him back in only to find him about 10ft away that late afternoon. 

I honestly didn't even think he was alive when she showed up with him in a disposable rubbermade container w/nothing but 2 leaves inside. Knowing that these little birds rarely ever survive I at least wanted to do the best I could to comfort him so I gave him a soft little nest from an old cloth diaper, looked up online what to feed him, and got him on a heating pad.... I didn't think he'd survive the night. That was almost 2wks ago & "Little Peep" is doing great!!! He's a house wren.

Little Peep about a week ago, I don't have any earlier photos since I really didn't think he'd make it, plus he was about 1/2 this size, blind, and featherless... and rather ugly LOL I'll add some newer photos later today.

He's fully feathered, started perching a bit yesterday and loves squawking at me to be fed...however baby birds need to be fed every 1/2hr from dawn till dusk (and he likes to stretch that till about 11pm). 

I have managed to get a few projects done to share with you though, and of course they are bird inspired! 

I have aspirations to make a whole collection of different 3d bird houses, I think I need more shelves in my house for display first though. 

Here is a simple, but pretty, one made from a file purchased in the Silhouette store by one of my favorite designers, Patricia Zapata. I cut it out of Wausau gold cardstock and added a flower & butterfly (both from punches) to the top. These take a bit of time to have the machine cut but go together very quickly. 

Next is my new obsession (also thanks to Patricia).... I have a few planned out but not cut yet and hope to do a video tutorial showing how easy it is to design your own (with one or 2 layers), until then go to Patricia Zapata's site A Little Hut, or search for her files in the Silhouette store. Her designs are amazing and totally the style I'm drawn to use in my own home decorating. Her double tree wall art in the Silhouette store inspired me to start creating my own files of this style. Here is a single layer that I made for my house, it was cut from shimmer cardstock which is beautiful in person but a total pain to photograph. 

Thank you for looking everyone! TWEET TWEET!


  1. These are both stunning!!!

  2. Absolutely amazing projects, so gorgeous and detailed!

  3. Wow, that is a truly touching story, and so glad that you were there for your wren! Kids must be having so much fun looking after the little birdie, too! Gorgeous projects as always - love that birdhouse! Thanks so much for always following my blog, too! :)


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