Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby Mobile Card w/Trendy Twine

Hi Everyone!

We're featuring one of my favorites this month at Trendy Twine, Chocolate Sprinkles (it's on sale, go buy some and pick up some of the amazing new twists as well)! Don't forget you still have time to enter this months challenge to win some of your own: Trendy Twine Sept. Challenge

I have a super fun 3d card to share with you today, the card was inspired by a card featured in the book Pop-Up Cards by Sandi Genovese. I've used SSDE to recreate the card base and I'm sharing the file with you too so you can create your own mobile card! In the book they just used stickers but I've opted to use little layered cuts to make mine, obviously stickers would be far easier and faster but I really love the detail you can achieve in using cuts instead. Details on how to make your own & card base file below.

I used the Chocolate Sprinkles twine to frame my windows, hang my cute little cuts, and also to embellish some of them. I think it adds the perfect little pop of color and detail to my card. Here are all 4 sides:

I wanted my card pretty big, since the larger it is the larger you can make your little embellishments but you can feel free to resize it if you'd like. Mine ends up folding down to be 5x7. When you open the file you'll see 2 identical shapes, cut each of them and then fold as per the photos (basically a mountain fold in the middle and two valley folds on the side) you'll do this to each and then you can see how they will fit together to give you a + shape when looking from above. You'll find it easiest to embellish them while they are flat, plus you need to have your mobile pieces finished before you start adhering anything together.

For my mobile parts I cut 2 mirror images of each shape, since you need to make a little sandwich with twine in the middle to hang them. Place one shape in each window area of your card so that you can see all of them when it is standing up. I used redline tape to adhere my panels together after figuring out how long I wanted each shape to hang and trimming my twine so it would be hidden between the layers.

I knew the designs on the sides would need to be able to be folded so instead of cardstock I used vinyl, it allows me to get nice clean cuts and is flexible so it folds with my card when it's time to put it in an envelope. A bit of brown ribbon along the top and my card is ready to be sent & displayed.
I hope you enjoyed your visit to my blog today, here is the link to the card file: Candi's Mobile Card Silhouette Studio Template

* I've added a screen shot .png file for those who would like a visual to recreate using different software or print it out to use as a template. Candi's Mobile Card PNG

Be sure to check back on Saturday for the My Thoughts Exactly & Trendy Twine blog hop!


  1. Absolutely love this card! I did the download and also saved the directions as knew I would forget that. This is definitely a keeper! Thanks!

  2. Thanks Candi great card, so simple but I would never have thought of it, thanks.

  3. Love this card it is just so unique. Awesome use of the Trendy Twine.

  4. Such an awesome card, thanks for the instructions! Your creations are always so amazing, can't wait to see what you have in store for the hop!

  5. I love it too, Chandi! Do you have the base file as a svg file, per chance. I know I could just recreate it, but thought I'd ask.

    1. Sorry but I use Silhouette Studio D.E. and there is no way to save as an .svg (I think some people have mentioned the windows earlier versions did this but I can't as I only use macs) I should try to use Ai since I have it... if I do I'll post it :)

    2. Thanks! It actually looks easy enough to layout, so I'll hit up ai and try to get it done. Love your card!

    3. should be super easy, I added a .png for a visual too

  6. You did a fantastic job - I love this card. Yvonne

  7. Oh Goodness.....This is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  8. This is so adorable! What an awesome idea!

  9. LOVE, LOVE this card Candi - perfect Trendy Twine project!


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