Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh Snap - belated birthday card

It was my Dad's birthday last week, and I may or may not have intentionally sent his card a little late because I had this card in mind (what... you've never done that?)

This was actually a pretty quick card and I love how it came together.
I knew I wanted to use a camera and the "oh snap" sentiment so I did a google image search and found a camera I liked and traced it with SSDE. I planned my card base by layering the traced shape over my digital background paper in SSDE and did an offset, then pulled the the camera image off the mat leaving the offset. I typed my "oh snap" and then printed out my base & the camera image separately. I pop dotted the camera image on top of the offset. I recently picked up one of the manual label makers (I just love the retro feel & look of the imperfect raised letters, I only use my digital label makers for actual labeling around the house) so I typed up the rest of my sentiment and just stuck it to the card front (sorry about the glare). Just like that I had an adorable belated birthday card to mail off.

Thanks for looking!


  1. That is so cute ---gee, maybe I will have to postpone sending cards on times, too! LOL

  2. Found this on an image search and am VERY impressed. I've never seen anything like it...you have a serious gift. LOVE it.


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