Friday, September 7, 2012

Passive Agressive Card Making

Well at least it would be passive agressive if I actually sent it... however I avoid conflict at all costs so this card was made along the same line as when you write a letter to someone which you never intend to send, just as a bit of therapy for your own soul. ;)

The card was actually pretty far from my comfort zone, I almost never use purple nor do I use ribbons on cards, however in this instance I'm really liking how both turned out. I can almost imagine the sickeningly sweet voice I'd like to say this in when I look at it <wink>

The chevron pattern base is actually a digital paper I made up by layering a Silhouette shape (the chevron pattern) over another rectangle and printing it out. I kept the house very simple in black & gray as I wanted the attention on the legs/shoes. The sentiment is also a print & cut done with my Cameo and pop dotted on the roof. The purple ribbon was made the same way as the green one I did yesterday, using distress inks to custom color it. If you missed my post about this awhile back please check my friend Becki's blog for the how to: Make Your Own Crinkle Ribbon (you can find the seam binding on Amazon too). The ruby red slippers were made by using a glue pen and sprinkling on some glitter, easy peasy!

So while this card will never travel to the person I thought of while making it every time I see it I smile a bit and laugh to myself.

Thanks for looking!


  1. This card is so funny and cute! I hope it was theraputic for you while making it and know just what you mean about avoiding trouble at all cost. I used to be the same way, now at my age not so much so. I don't go looking for trouble but I do speak my mind now. lol Anyway this card just makes me smile and I love it!

  2. OMG...This is ADORABLE!!! LOVE IT!!!

  3. Very cute!! I have this placque that my mother bought me that reads, "I have not been the same since that house fell on my Sister!" Yes, my OWN mother bought me that!!

    So....there's another option for this type of 'revenge' card! ;-)


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