Sunday, October 14, 2012

DIY Halloween Bottles

I've been having so much fun making my own Halloween decorations this year! Have you seen some of the super cute jars & bottles in the stores? Did you notice their price tags??? That just wouldn't do when I knew I could make my own. I've been saving up my wine bottles (and any other neat glass bottles I come across). I washed them out and soaked them to remove the labels.
A couple were already a neat green so I used those this time, I also took 2 large clear wine bottles and sprayed one with frosted glass spray and the other very lightly with black gloss spray paint, then I had one other neat small bottle and that one I used black, purple, and silver alcohol inks on (don't you just love that? I do!)
All of my labels are print and cut designs, most of them from the Silhouette store. I printed them on glossy sticker paper and just stuck them on... talk about easy decorating! Oh let's see another photo <wink>
Did you notice the creepy spider on the bottle of arachnid exlixir? I hate spiders, I've actually jumped out of a (slowly) moving car before when one was on the dash in front of me.... however I seem to love decorating for Halloween with them. This little guy shows how you can easily take a simple spider cut and give it some life... I shaped it using my McGill stylus and molding mat (you could also use a mouse pad or even the cup of your hand) and then coated it with glossy accents. When it's dry it has the awful shape and shine of a real spider, eeekkk but very cool. 

I hope I've inspired you to make up some of your own spooky bottles (or at least to drink some wine). 

As always, thanks for looking! 


  1. Wow, these bottles are really, really cool looking! I love them!!!

  2. Great job, Candi! I love the alcohol ink on the purple bottle! Nice spider, by the way and it is the best kind....fake!


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