Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Card

I can not believe it's less then a week before Halloween, I have only about a hundred projects I really wanted done this year... I better start in Jan to have them done for next Halloween LOL

At least I managed to get some cards made! (and almost sent out, they are going out later today... really...ok probably, by tomorrow at the latest!)
First one that was pretty simple. This started as a square shaped card from the Silhouette store, I love that any design I buy is so easy to change into whatever I want. I simply stretched it out (because I'm too cheap to pay extra to send a square card LOL) and removed the text to use my own. I cut it from orange card stock and then I layered that over black glitter paper. I wanted my text very crisp so I cut it from vinyl (even if you are only a paper crafter it's a good idea to have one roll of black vinyl IMO so you can do things like this, vinyl cuts amazingly well at tiny little sizes if needed). 
Next up is a shadow box style card from Lori Whitlock. I only changed this one a tiny bit by changing his belly from a cut out to a layer and then added a layer for the moon & cut a little square sentiment from vinyl & layered that over card stock to add to the corner. I'd have loved to add some glitter but it's going to my in-laws who aren't the glittery types <wink>
I just love this style for the depth the cards create, yet how they fold flat for mailing.
Last, but certainly not least is my favorite style card that I made this year. This also started out as a card from the Sil. store but I added the spider.
That's cute you're saying, but what's so impressive about a pop dotted spider even if he's' cute? Ahhh my friends, he isn't pop dotted. 

That's right, he's on a homemade action wobble! He cracks me up! My daughter already requested one for herself.

Oh I do have one more little thing to share, my daughter and I made this cute little handled pumpkin so her American Girl doll could have something for Halloween. One thing to note, the file straight from the Sil. store has too many tabs, cut off one side on each section and you'll be good to go. I lined the face with vellum and then spread some stickles on top of it. Don't you love that shimmer card stock? 

Have a spooktacular day!


  1. Oh goodness!! What SUPER CUTE pieces!!! Love them...they are so fun and happy looking!!!!

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