Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Wall/Mantel Art

I wanted something simple but pretty to decorate with for Thanksgiving, I've made several of these 3d box wall art pieces before and just love them, they are inspired by Patricia Zapata's (from A Little Hut & also a seller though Silhouette) files. I hope to get a video done soon showing you how to make them yourself, you can also use the same instructions to make cards either flat panel or box style that fold up. I started to type up the instructions but it was WAY too confusing... basically you're working with compound paths & welding, once you figure it out it's fast and easy but almost impossible to type out, I promise I'll show you how ASAP though :)
Another problem is photographing these, too really make it fun for my photo taking skills I used Bazzill bling cardstock, which is also very hard to photograph... hopefully you can ignore the shadows and still get the general idea.
This shot should give you a better idea of the depth. I think on the next one I'll use a more colorful background, this one didn't has as much pop as I would have liked. You'll also want to be careful with how you weld to your frame and removing things from the mat, I only have one very small place of attachment on the edge of that t and it was very difficult to not tear it off by mistake. If I did this one again I'd have a leaf or something larger in that corner and then weld "thankful" to it. 

I'm off now to clean up my house and start cooking for tomorrow. I'll share my favorite Thanksgiving card that I made with everyone tomorrow!

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