Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year - a toast!

Hi Everyone! Did you have a nice New Year's Eve? Our little tradition is to have baby back ribs & stay home (well that's been the tradition since we had kids at least LOL we won't discuss the goings on of my 20's, mainly because there was too much champagne involved and the details are a bit fuzzy <wink>)

I created a quick card mock up last night to post on facebook:
Get it, toasting a new year... hehehe yeah I crack myself up

This morning I had to take my idea and make it into an actual card to share. As you'll see I changed the background (after going crazy last night to find a simple but cute confetti background it occurred to me that I should check the Silhouette store and sure enough there was what I needed. I also had to incorporate some of my favorite Trendy Twine (I used midnight) and some sparkle in the form of of a glitter paper ball dropping :) The toaster is a Hero Arts image from Silhouette, by releasing the compound path I was able to add a bit of color to it and I used the often forgotten shear options in Studio to get the 2013 lined up just right on the piece of toast. 

Those of you who follow the Trendy Twine blog might have seen that the new design team was announced, and you'll likely wonder what the heck my name was still doing on there since I just told you a week ago I had resigned. Well when it came time for me to say goodbye, I didn't want to. Lesley and the other ladies were kind enough to allow me to stay on in a modified role. I'll be helping some "behind the scenes" and while I won't be participating in all of the group or monthly posts you'll probably still see a few projects here and there from me <wink> I'm honored they valued my sassy sense of humor to keep me around as comic relief LOL 

Speaking of Trendy Twine, they have a little contest going today so head over to the blog to see some other New Year's cards and enter! Trendy Twine New Years!

Wishing you all the very best this coming year! 


  1. this is such a cute card! and congrats for staying on their DT!

  2. This is so awesome. Love the toast and the ball dropping.

    See, you just thought you were breaking up with us ;)

    Lesley @ Trendy Twine

    1. I hope this isn't one of those unhealthy stalker type relationships Lesley (and if it is, who is stalking who? LOL)


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