Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Power Tools & Squid

Hi Everyone!

Wow it's been way too long! Those of you who follow me on facebook know that I've been a bit all consumed with woodworking stuff lately (mostly buying books, tools, and watching youtube videos... but I have made a few little things as I get a feel for my new tools). I'll be posting better photos/videos/info in the future but wanted to give you a sneak peak for now. When I named my blog Chaos -n- Crafts I wasn't kidding about the Chaos portion, and my woodworking area (in the unfinished side of our basement storage area) is also deserving of the name.
The main star of the show is the workbench, which I'm proud to say I built all by myself. It's from a 2x4 basics kit, they give you the screws and the plastic legs & supports and you build the rest by cutting down 2x4's and then shelves/table top. It was my first experience using my new miter saw and WOW, not even kidding when I say that using power tools can give you a huge rush! I call my miter saw Chomp since he cuts through wood like butter (and he's green). 
Of course my favorite tool so far is my scroll saw (sorry no close up of it, but it's a Dewalt 788 if anyone is interested and I <3 it), I can't wait to really get good at using it.. the things people make with them are amazing. Think paper crafting but with wood. I'm actually planning to use many of my Cameo files but to cut them out of wood using the scroll saw! I also bought a small router & router table. Basically this photo shows what I've done so far. 
You take a plain piece of wood and you can add decorative edges, like the crazy over priced plaques you can buy at the craft store, now I can make them myself in any shape and with lots of different edges. That piece there you will see again if you check out the Trendy Twine blog hop this Saturday <wink> 
This tool is called a Kreg Jig, I keep cracking myself up because I keep singing how much I love Kreg, because Kreg can build anything (my husband's name is Craig, and he has NO interest in building anything). Basically it helps you line up something called a pocket hole, which is a super fast & easy way to attach wood together. I used it to make a little pasta organizer some of you saw on facebook. I can't wait to really use it to build something BIG :) My next purchase is going to be a table saw, I'm terrified of them (I like my fingers) but know that having one would really make building things easier... and hopefully I have an accessory that I plan to use with one that would make it MUCH safer, more on that soon too! Any of you who work with wood or have a husband/father/someone who does will want one too! 

Lastly, how about a card? Along with playing with  my new tools it was my husband's birthday this past weekend. A squid might seem like a strange subject for a b'day card for my husband but one of the only things he's ever purchased on his own for the house was a print of a kraken overtaking a ship... so it seemed fitting. 
The squid is from letting delights, the background is a digital paper from Echo Park I believe. The balloon was pressed into an embossing pad and heat embossed with clear embossing powder to give it a bit of latex look and of course my balloon string is made of Trendy Twine in one of my favorite new colors Orangesicle (which I can see using a ton of this summer, it's a super vibrant & fun twist). 
I did a PNC for his eyes so I wouldn't have to deal with the tiny little circles, and I coated them with some glossy accents. I also used distress inks to shade my cuts to give them some life. The squid is of course on a homemade action wobble so he can shake. 
I also opted to do a PNC for the inside of my card as well (the little crab represents me of course LOL)

Hope you've enjoyed the peak into my new woodworking obsession & my squidilicious card :) 

Be sure to check back on Saturday for my post as part of the Trendy Twine Pretty in Pink blog hop to see what I did with my homemade wooden plaque. 


  1. I love your fabulous string art heart!

  2. My husband has a router, and I have never used it. I think I need to! You are very talented! I love the heart from your latest post. So cute! You have spiked my interest, and I am thinking I will give the router a try this week!

    Your newest follower,



  3. Amazing craftsmanship! I wish I also had the same eye for woodwork. I've never really been good in construction, maybe I'm just here to appreciate the art.

    Alphonse Daigle


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