Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day (what, it's still Feb at least!)

Well hello there strangers! Anyone remember me? This is when I suggest anyone who is on facebook follows me there too, I'm much better about posting photos and chatting then I am at writing up posts.

I realize Valentine's Day was a couple weeks ago, however it's still Feb. so I say I can still post some of my cards (especially since I didn't even mail them out until this week OPPS LOL)

I've been keeping busy working on other projects too, I've built a table (no really I did, with my almost 9yr old daughters help!), have a canopy bed for her American Girl doll almost finished, am refurbing my dining room chairs (new stain & covering the cushions), and even made some cute wall art. See I've been busy, just not busying posting.

So without further delay.... some cards :)

The first is my favorite, I made it for my Dad and when my mom saw it she insisted I make her one too. I have the ever generous Bird from BirdsCards to thank for this card, the free cut files can be found on her DT post here: Cupid Suspension Files
You'll see I did modify it a bit, I really like making 5x7 cards (because I'm too cheap to pay extra to mail square cards LOL) and I added the LOVE to the bottom. I also modified the interior heart so that it hinges up and my sentiment could be written under it so it wasn't visible from the outside. 
I just love how the little cupid can twist and turn on the fishing line I used!
Look at that little belly, eeekkkk so cute (and so much cuter on him then it is on me). I used glimmer cardstock for his wings and metallic for his bow & arrow. I love how perfectly the Cameo cuts even these very small items. The bow string & arrow are hardly any thicker then my thin fishing line!

Next up is a card with a homemade action wobble, you guys know I use those any chance I can get! 
The background was a quick PNC and then I added the layered frog from Lettering Delights

He's all ready to hop right off the card for a hug! 

Lastly was another quick card. Using one of the adorable hedgehog images from Penny Black

Thank you for visiting today, I promise to be back again soon! Right now I have to go dig out some of the snow we got!