Saturday, June 29, 2013

So I'm Back... From Outer Space....

Did you survive? (catch that there, the little play on the lyrics? Yeah I'm hilarious like that).

Raise of hands please, anyone notice I've been MIA for months? I know a few of you follow me on Facebook (the rest of you should, I can't promise I'll do any better at blogging this go around either and you'd hate to miss my wittiness (side note, that is one weird looking/sounding word, am I right?)) anyways those of you that follow me have seen that I'm still alive, still obsessed with getting every new crafty or woodworking thing out there, but not doing much with them.

I've thought of you often dear readers, meant to actually finish a project and find the time to photograph it and post it so we could reconnect... but it never happened... then so much time lapsed that I felt all weird and awkward about posting again since it had been so long, felt that I needed some great impressive project to post with my "I'm back" post... but never actually had anything that seemed worthy, oh and I still don't... so don't go getting your hopes up or anything.

Back to my Gloria Gaynor song reference, every time I thought of blogging again that song would play in my head, it's gotten pretty damn annoying if I'm being honest with you... so I simply had to make something themed and post.

It's almost the 4th of July... fireworks, rockets red glare... rockets... hey... outer space... it sort of goes right? Work with me here. So I have for you... an Independence Day themed rocket & card!
ohhhh ahhhhh look at it all sparkly & with the perfect touch of Berries Jubilee Trendy Twine, actually I think it needs a cute little button or something, but if I waited to make one I might never get this posted LOL 

I made a quick PNC card to go with it, I used my glitter pens to add some sparkle to the fireworks and then stickles for the banners. Hard to tell but I did cut the 4th of July section as a separate layer and it's pop-dotted up. 

Here they are together, did I mention the rocket was tiny? LOL it's so cute I can't stand it. 
All files used are from Silhouette & were cut with my Cameo. 

Oh and I need to tell you guys about one of my newest obsessions. Gelish gel nail polish!!! I have Tamara from Happy Life Crafty Wife to thank for introducing me to this awesome product, I haven't had nice nails in... well ever. Now I actually have to trim and file them down and the polish lasts until I remove it, which is normally about every 10 days as I get bored and want a new color. So far turquoise has been my favorite but I went with a more patriotic look this week. I highly recommend it, you can find lots of info & videos if you google Gelish & check youtube :)

That's all for now, though don't dispare... I'll be back by next week at the latest. The "buzz" is that I've been pulled out of DT retirement for a special hop with Trendy Twine!