Saturday, August 10, 2013

Trick or Treat with Trendy Twine

Are you ready for some BOOtiful twine? I'm normally very into neutrals but I love going all out with bright fun decorations at Halloween... I honestly didn't think anything could top all the great colors Trendy Twine released last Halloween but I was wrong. Just look at the amazing new release colors, and even better... look how great they match last years releases too! Eeeekkk :::swoon:::

Don't you love them? I can't pick a favorite... neither should you... get all of them! 

To show just how well the new colors go with the old I used the super fun new Trick or Treat along with all of last year's releases on my project. 

heheheee don't you love these adorable little treat boxes? They are from the Silhouette store and as soon as I saw them I knew what they were missing, some Trendy Twine of course! OMG it makes the cutest hair ever!!!

I realized my treat boxes would look super cute in the cauldron I made last year and that it was missing something.. why a giant bow of Trick or Treat twine of course! I love how it ties the whole thing together (literally hehee)

These little boxes are super fast to put together and the twine holds them perfectly, I told my girls they would have to untie the ends because if anyone tears these up I might cry. 

After you get back from your online shopping to snag all these great colors don't forget that you still have plenty of time to enter this month's  Disney inspired Trendy Twine Challenge, winner gets a $10 store credit!

Be sure to check out all the other great Halloween treat box projects the amazing design team created, then get out there and create some of your own! 

You can find all of the great colors I used, and more HERE!

Colors I used in today's project:
  • Trick or Treat
  • Lime Licorice
  • Orange Licorice
  • Grape Licorice
  • Gray Licorice
  • Grape Limeade

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Celebration Time (come on... let's celebrate)

No seriously, what is with me and the flashback song references lately when posting? Oh well... just go with it because that's what we're having over at Trendy Twine today... a huge party to celebrate color number fifty, accurately named... Celebration!

This Disney themed twine is gorgeous, such a perfect twist for all your theme park projects, and beyond!

For my project today I wanted to really show this twine in all it's glory and I had some fun making a little jewelry gift set in a matching gift bag.
Did any of you ever make friendship bracelets when you were younger? They seem to be making a come back and my 9yr old was interested in them recently so I bought her a book (since I had absolutely no idea how to make one anymore, this isn't like riding a bike folks). Turns out they are really easy and fun to make, and what could be more fun then using Trendy Twine to make one?!?!

I used the Celebration twine to make my bracelet and then I made a Mickey charm from shrink plastic which I actually used my Gelish nail polish to color and sparkle up... the shine is gorgeous in person!

Of course, I immediately thought of what else I could make with the shrink plastic, and matching earrings were the perfect choice! I also used my Gelish polish to color & glitter these, then just a little dot of glue to attach them to some earring post backings you can buy at your local craft store or online. I see many more custom earrings in my daughters' futures!

What's cuter then a Trendy Twine Celebration pom pom? Not much I assure you... I decorated my earring box (from the Silhouette store) with one and I love it!

 I couldn't leave my gift bag out, so my Minnie Mouse gift bag also got some Celebration twine on her bow and a braid along the handle. 

I hope you've enjoyed viewing my projects, & that the song has now left your brain... time to get your butt over to the Trendy Twine blog <~~~ (click that, right there) and go check out all of the other awesome projects showcasing this fab new twine! Then head over to the Trendy Twine store and get yourself some... there might even be some other great new color releases <wink>