Monday, October 14, 2013

Personalized Shower Gifts

First off... it's been about 2 months since I posted, I figured that was about enough time for most of you to totally forget I even existed, so you'll be totally thrilled to "re-find" me :) If I posted all the time you'd just become bored, and so I do this for you really... I'm thoughtful like that!

I also have SO MUCH stuff to share, eventually. But really... not only did I make a stacking veggie bin style toy chest, I also made this totally awesome (if I do say so myself) full sized loft bed with huge play platform for my oldest daughter, and then an approx. 8' x 8' entertainment center which totally freaking rocks (and I do say so myself, I LOVE it) so I'm going to get off my butt and get those all photographed and posted soon, really, well... probably.

Anyways... my photos today aren't great since I snapped them quickly before we ran out the door (it didn't occur to me to make a gift bag until about 1/2 an hour before we had to leave, opps) but I think you'll get the idea.

My favorite BIL (I'm safe saying that, I don't think any of DH's family reads my blog and if they do then it's likely only said BIL and his future wife so I'm safe either way LOL) is getting married next spring to a super sweet (girl/woman/lady sheesh I'm so bad at this... um... we'll just refer to her as future SIL). They live in NYC in a small apartment, and simply don't need a lot of stuff... so I wanted to give what anyone in their position would want, money. However I wanted to do it in a cute way, and include a couple little more personal touches. I saw this idea first on Pinterest and I couldn't decide if it was so cheesy that it was cute, or so cheesy that it was just cheesy but decided that with a few changes I could make it super cute.
Get it, showering her with love & good fortune? The examples I saw online were using boring umbrellas and just hanging money, I found out her favorite color and found this adorable umbrella, then I learned how to fold cash into hearts by following these directions: which I found way easier then even the vidoes I tried following along with, best tip is to use really crisp bills. You'll also want to hang your hearts securely (I used clips from Ikea & tried them on with Twisted Teal Trendy Twine which was so cute with the umbrella color... you need it) and keep your strings short, otherwise they will tangle when you close/open the umbrella. Mine was a button open one that REALLY opened forcefully so it was important to make sure the money hearts were really secure.

I realized I wanted a cute personalized gift bag and came to the rescue, I used the gift bag from their Acorn Autumn Kit and it was so easy and perfect that I might never buy another gift bag, besides being huge but only using 3 sheets of apper, it even folds up for storage (plus the 3d acorn in this kit is one of my all time favorites)! The flower is from the silhouette online store. 
One of my personalized gifts is a wedding countdown block set. I used a 2x2 cut to size, painted dark brown and distressed with some sand paper, and then simply cut my text out of vinyl. The other side of the bottom block says "our anniversary" so that they can continue to use it past the wedding. I bought this great burlap ribbon at M's earlier this year and cut it thinner to wrap the blocks up. 

I also got this idea from online and thought it was super cute, so I made my future SIL a personalized (her name is on the other side) cup and filled it with her favorite candy, sour gummies.

Lastly, I had to make a card. I CASEd this one and changed up the colors. the umbrella top is pop-dotted and I added stickles to some of the hearts and also pop-dotted them... the card was too cute to hide in an envelope so I made one using a sheet of acetate and sealed it shut with some washi & a custom sticker I made. 

I wish my BIL & future SIL a lifetime of happiness and can't wait for their wedding in the spring (my girls get to be flower girls and are over the moon happy about that) Only 30 more weeks away, crap I better start exercising now!