Friday, January 17, 2014

Faux Pyrography aka woodburning

Well... yeah... that whole "post more often" thing I had planned hasn't actually happened, I'll blame my anal planning as the main reason. See I really wanted to go from the toybox to the full sized loft bed and then slide into my entertainment center build because, well... the entertainment center is so freaking amazing that not a day goes by that I don't look at it and say "holy crap, that's amazing and I built that" but I feel like I need to post in order... and my daughter still hasn't even had her room clean enough for me to take photos of the bed I made her, and let's be honest here... she's an almost 10yr old girl, it's never going to be clean. So... I'm going to semi clean it tomorrow and get that post up this weekend. Until then I was playing around in my basement craft room (when I should have been cleaning) and had a little idea... that actually turned out cute & is super easy.
I love pyrography, I'm utterly amazed at some of the details and designs I've seen online. I actually picked up one of the $30 kits (with my coupon of course) from Michaels last year, but I've only messed around with it a couple times since it turns out a super crazy hot burning tool and a nosey "what'cha doing mama" toddler don't mix well. Needless to say it's shelved for awhile.

So I had some scrap wood laying around, and had been doing some stamping... and my little brain had a rare moment of clarity and I thought... stamp in brown on that wood, and was thrilled that it sort of looked like it was burned on.

Tutorial is super easy.
1. get some wood, you can use scraps you have laying around, you could pick up some at the craft store or home center, you could buy some wood tags (I bought the classic tag shaped ones on Amazon here: wooden tags) and found the other shapes at my local craft store.
2. get some brown ink, I'm using Ranger's Archival in Coffee
3. find a stamp you like
4. stamp on the wood
done... well I suppose you could seal it with some clear spray, I'll be testing it with resin later this week.

See, no rocket science here but it is super cute and really does give a similar look to wood burning w/no risk of burnt fingers or homes :)

I've also been super busy playing around with epoxy resin for the past month or so, I'll do a post soon to show you things I've been trying and working on... I might even try selling a few pieces so check for that too!

As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. I love these tags. Next time get the burner out! ;)


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