Sunday, September 21, 2014

Big Changes Coming My Way!

Alright, it's only been 8 months since I last posted... and yes I considered just killing off the blog multiple times since obviously I wasn't very committed to rambling aimlessly or crafting this past year. However I have something happening in about 3wks that will likely change that. You see, after over 3 1/2yrs of renting a house, and running out of room for any big DIY projects, and simply collecting "someday" pins on Pinterest I'm going to be able to use my power tools, the things I've learned, and all those pins because we are BUYING OUR OWN HOUSE AGAIN!!!!!
That right there is going to use up every spare second of my spare time for the foreseeable future! I have SO MANY plans once we get the keys that I'm driving my poor friends crazy non-stop talking about them, so in an effort to save some friendships I decided I needed a place to talk about my plans, share photos, frustrations, seek advice, and generally keep a record of all the chaos I start up with our new home! 

We're moving in about a month after we close, to give me time for a "few little projects", which currently include (as the major things) priming & repainting every single room, including the big finished basement... so only around 3,500 sq ft total. Tearing out all the flooring on the first floor (which is around 1,200 sq ft of carpet, ceramic tile, and the ugliest builder grade oak you've even seen) and replacing it with a dark laminate wood floor (and while I have removed carpet before, I've never torn out wood or tile... am I crazy???), let's see... oh and staining all the builder oak cabinets with General Finishes Java Gel (my favorite gel stain of all time, and what I use on any furniture I build).... hmm.... tiling the 1/2 bathroom floor, replacing the backsplash, and replacing the fireplace tile hearth & surround (no I've never tiled anything before either). There is also the idea in my head that I might be able to build a new entry closet in front of the current one, thus allowing me to open up a wall in the kitchen to what is currently the entry closet and make it into a walk in pantry but I might talk to a contractor friend about that one ;) 

We won't even get into my plans once we actually move in... but they may include converting the front formal living room into a combo home office/lesson room/craft room with wall to wall built ins and a huge work table in the middle of the room, adding french doors, and I didn't even mention the upstairs or basement yet did I? I hope you like DIY because Chaos -n- Crafts is becoming Chaos -n- Construction! 

I hope you'll join me as I "Pinterest My House" in these upcoming months!