Thursday, October 9, 2014

It Does Exist!

I know at least a couple followers were excited when I posted (over a year ago) that I was going to try building a really large entertainment center all by myself... I posted some updates on facebook about picking up wood, building, staining, etc... I talked here about showing it off.... but I never, you know, actually did that.

Well guess what, it does exist. It also remains my single greatest building achievement and makes me get all proud mama feeling every. single. time. I. look. at. it.  To the point that I'll walk into the room, and I'll say "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" and my husband doesn't even look up or acknowledge me because he thinks I'm talking to the entertainment center... AND I AM YOU GUYS, I TOTALLY AM!

No really. I LOVE IT! I can't freaking believe I made and I LOVE IT.

I can't remember the listed price when it was live on Pottery Barn, but I believe it was just under $4,000 for the entertainment center this one was based on... and mine is built using PureBond plywood & I built it a big deeper than the plans (from Ana White)... so I feel like I got even more for my money... oh did I mention I spent around $350 only to build this? You can't even get a good sized Ikea entertainment center for near that you guys... anyone afraid to pick up a power tool needs to get over that fear!  Building is empowering, amazing, and saves you a ton of money!

Things started pretty much the same as last time... you can't build without lumber!

I again used my Kreg Jig to put everything together after cutting to size. I started with the center section & hutch.  I've been really lucky here having a really open bright kitchen to build in... I'll miss that when we move.... but I won't miss that gloss pink/white tile and dirty grout! 
no time at all and you have the basic shape coming together
add a face frame
and look at that... it's starting to look like furniture. My little helper approved!
repeat process for the hutch
and start staining, and staining, and staining... I love General Finishes Java Gel but it is a long process.
Next up the 4 side pieces
and more staining! Cats love helping too.
WOOHOO we're getting somewhere now!

Finally.. TADA! (ok not really, I still have to install the latches to keep the doors closed and my drawers aren't actually working drawers yet... but whatever, close enough! Yes, I will be personally moving this to the new house myself!

I realize these photos suck, we're 4 days away from closing and I just can't find it in me to so much as clean up the 1/2 eaten toast my daughter left sitting out or move any of the clutter... so you get some real life / non staged shots... it's also really hard to get the color of the java gel stain to show correctly, it's such a gorgeous deep rich dark brown, it can look black in photos but is obviously deep brown in real life :) 

I can't wait to get the new house painted and install my new floors so I can bring this furniture to it's new home! We have a perfect wall for it, and a fireplace too! I'm a little excited if you can't tell <wink>


  1. Wow! I am so loving your entertainment center!! It looks fabulous and I know it will look just as fabulous in your new home!! I had to laugh when you said you say "I love you" to the entertainment center and hubby knows it. lol Too cute and funny, but I can guarantee you I would be saying the same thing if I had built something like this!. Hugs, Brenda

  2. So inspiring! Love your woodworking projects - can't wait to hear what you've been up to since you last posted : )


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