Thursday, October 2, 2014

So... over a year ago....

I have just under two weeks until our anticipated closing WOOHOO so I thought before I dive into the new projects I'd finally show you the ones I blabbed about over a year ago...

So about a year ago this past summer was when I really started getting comfortable with my power tools, and decided to tackle my first on my own projects. Honestly it was a crazy summer... I decided to build a huge entertainment center for our living room and a large custom sized full loft bed for my older daughter... and we happened to end up fostering a litter of 5 kittens who needed to be bottle fed (the year before if you remember I spent my whole summer hand feeding an abandoned baby bird.. I snuck past this last summer without any baby anythings, I think the universe finally got my "enough already" memo LOL) a collective AWWW please. Their mother was tossed out, barely older than a kitten herself, and wasn't producing enough milk for them. They also all had eye infections & colds, so yes, besides bottles I had to give them meds too.

They grew quickly though! 

Isn't she so adorable you can't stand it? I couldn't either ;) 
So between bottle feedings, homeschooling, general mothering & all the usual day to day stuff I raised those little kittens along with my 2 daughters help and got those two projects done. The first I'll show you is my daughter's loft bed. 

At our last house her room was crazy big, bigger than the master actually at around 12.5' x 24' so she had plenty of room for everything. This house her room is around 10'x12'... yeah.... not as much room and she was tripping over her stuff not to mention her previously beloved princess bed was a bit outgrown. We decided on a loft bed to free up the floor space (and because come on, loft beds are pretty stinking cool when you're a tween!) but she wasn't comfortable with a ladder... so I pieced together several different plans from Ana White's site and then modified the heck out of them to perfectly fit in her space and give her a platform that would hold her new tv and double as stage to use to get in/out, a desk for under it, and some extra support so that my husband and/or I could get up there with her too (seriously this thing could hold an elephant you guys, it's crazy strong).

The best part of this as a first solo build was that it was pretty straight forward, pretty cheap (almost all 2x4's and 2x6's), easy to cut (just a miter saw needed for 99%) and I didn't need any help getting the lumber, dragging it in, or building it. Making it a total DIY project!

We had a few trips to Home Depot that looked like this:

Then I got to cutting, measuring, assembling, and painting. I used my Kreg Jig for the entire build, it is the single greatest tool EVER. Seriously, I couldn't have built anything I've made so far without it. LOVE LOVE LOVE! 

I had to bring the sections into the room for the final assembly since it would be far too big to fit through the door, you can see her old bed under it here, which was passed on to one VERY excited little sister. 

Starting to build the platform

I used some scrap plywood & 1x4's to build the floor of the platform

This is about as clean as the room ever gets with a 10 1/2 yr old girl... but you can see the finished bed/desk/platforms we also added some curtains so that she has a little "super secret hiding spot" under the taller section of the platform... she loves snuggling up with the cats under there to read.

Remember those little kittens? 
These two in particular? 

yeah... they stayed :)  This is Inky & Java just after their 1st birthday this past summer <3

Now, someone find my building notes so I can remember how to disassemble this giant bed to move it to the new house! 

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  1. Awww, the cat and kittens are just too cute! That cat does look like she is just a kitten herself. Good for you taking care of them, but I hear you when you say enough babies!! lol Your daughter's bed turned out great. I can see why she likes reading under the one part. I also don't blame her for not wanting a ladder, I love what you did instead. Hugs Brenda


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